Yeti In My Spaghetti Board Game Review

Yeti in my Spaghetti

If I was to re-do my All-Time Favourite Board Game list Yeti in my Spaghetti would now feature on it. I love it. It’s a re-hash of Kerplunk with no marbles and a funny looking Yeti. In the words of Ina Garten “what isn’t there to love about that?” It is such a simple concept and actually quite tricky when you’re a bit clumsy like I am. My 5 year old daughter bought this game with her birthday money. She, Boy1 who is 8 and myself have played it regularly since. The game is produced by University Games and is billed as a wacky, fun game.

How do you play it?

There aren’t many parts to it (unless you count each piece of spaghetti and there are 30 by the way…) the bowl, the spaghetti and the Yeti. There’s enough bits of spaghetti that losing one or two won’t ruin the game. Trust me that point is important in this house. We seem to be Olympic champions at losing game bits. It is an easy game to explain, especially to younger children. You don’t need any great skill either; you just need to try not to be too clumsy. Can you pick something up? Great, you’re all set. The aim is to lay the spaghetti across the bowl and balance the Yeti on top. Each player takes a turn to collect a piece of spaghetti. If you make the Yeti fall into the bowl you lose.

What do we think?

It is a fun game, requires little concentration and has enough competitive edge to play it for a few turns. What I love most is the feel of the spaghetti pieces. They are very tactile. There’s just something about the shape of them I like. If you remember the 1980’s Kerplunk you could do a serious injury with those straws they were really pointy. No such problem with the spaghetti! The game is aimed at players aged 4 and above and you need two or more players. You could play it by yourself but it would be pretty boring with no-one to pit yourself against. Yeti in my Spaghetti is an easy game to play and I think it will remain one of the popular short play board games in our house.

You can buy Yeti in my Spaghetti in most supermarkets and toy stores. It is also available on Amazon. (The Amazon link is an affiliate link if you purchase the game through it I will earn a few pennies commission from Amazon. If you do use the link – thank you). It retails for between £10 and £12 depending on the offers at the time. With Christmas coming hope hopefully it will be one of the board games with a good promotion on it.

For once my daughter spent her birthday money on something we all like lol.