World Book Day Costumes You Can Do At Home

World Book Day

I hate the word World Book Day. Thankfully it clashes with St David’s Day so our primary school always does it a week later. It gives more time to procrastinate over what they can wear. After a couple of years of encouraging the superhero and princess costumes to be worn, this year we are going for originality. These are my ideas for fun World Book Day Costumes you can do yourself.

Each photo has a clickable link back to Pinterest where I got the inspiration from. The whole idea is you don’t need to buy anything if possible. It is surprising what you can do with stuff you already own. I do anything to try and get Boy1 not to be a footballer and The Girl in a random Disney dress!

Captain Underpants

My favourite idea from The Girl and she went into school dressed up in it. I used pale pink top and leggings because she is very pale but you can tone to your child’s skin tone. An old red fleece blanket cut into a large rectangle to tie as the cape. I drew black splodges on with marker pen. Don’t forget your pants over the top! Much like this outfit idea from themomcreative. She wouldn’t wear a swimming cap either lol.

The Stick Man

Now I’m not sure how practical this costume is but it looks amazing. All it needs is brown paper or thin cardboard and a bit of scribbling with a brown felt tip or marker pen. The Stick Man is one of our favourite books to read together. Start saving those cardboard delivery boxes by flat packing them in a cupboard so you’re ready!

Mr Men and Little Miss

Mr Bump on this Pin caught my eye. But really you could make any Mr Man or Little Miss out of cardboard. Now on this front I’d be ok with the simple shaped ones, my drawing isn’t the best… The Roger Hargreaves books are universally loved in this house.

Room on the Broom

So many characters to pick from in this book but how about an easy inspiration with the witch? If you don’t own the right colour I’m sure someone you know does. Make a quick witches out of black thin cardboard and you’re done. We always have a broomstick from Halloween costumes hanging around so maybe you do too.

Chicken Licken

So I made this for my son. I copied the outline from one of his hoodies. To make sure I left enough fabric for the seam allowance I traced about an inch outside of the hoodie. It used an old piece of white fleece blanket. It did take some time but he looked brilliant. We finished it with red tights much to his shame lol.


Cut a zig zag edging into an old green dress or if you have an adult t-shirt you could use that. If you’re feeling creative you can buy green sheeting for a few pounds per metre. Tinkerbell needs wings; beg, steal or borrow some or make from white card. If you want to annoy the teacher send in a pot of glitter as fairy dust…. Or maybe not.

Princess Leia

I love this idea! And it’s no sew so if you’re not creative you don’t have to be. Add in a bun either side of the head and send them to school and may the force be with them.

Dr Seuss The Cat in the Hat

I have always been a massive Dr Seuss fan. Use black clothing make a massive hat. Well, as big as you dear and use a red scarf or fabric to make a big red neck bow. If face painting is your thing it will add to the costume look.


The second Julia Donaldson book to feature. We love Zog too! I love dressing up characters where you have a colour theme. Wear all orange, and some handmade wings and ears and you have a dragon in front of you.


This is awesome. Not sure I could successfully make realistic looking ears to stick on a headband but I’ll give it a go. Just use whatever clothes you have.

I don’t think World Book Day should be about spending a lot of money on costumes. It’s just another expense you could do without isn’t it. These are just 10 ideas I have either done or love the idea of while trawling Pinterest. Click the links to visit the pins yourself. Don’t use Pinterest? It is a great source of ideas. Check out my post on a Pinterest packed lunch or my favourite Easter bonnet ideas.