Wordsearch the Board Game: A Review

I love games that incorporate a bit of English language learning, without making it seem like learning and Wordsearch is a brilliant example of this. My son had this for Christmas from a good friend and it has been a massive hit in this house It has been played with almost daily after he received it. For such a simple idea you can have a lot of fun with it.

What is the Game Wordsearch?

You get 10 Wordsearch discs with different searches on both sides. Slot the disc into the console and you are ready to play. At first I missed the small cut out that shows you the word you are looking for. As you move this cut out round the Wordsearch disc moves around so everyone has a fair shot at having to read upside down. Unless of course, one of your children likes cheating, in which case they move around with it. It is simply first one to spot the word. When you do, you put your colour counter over the letters. If you spot another word that overlaps a found word then you can take over that counter space with your own colour. Whoever has the most counters at the end is the winner.

Can I just say I love the counters! They remind me of big coloured plastic contact lenses and they feel lovely to hold. I’ve not asked the rest of the family if they agree with me, in case they think I’m slightly mad.

Who Played?

We all did! The game is recommended for 1-4 players and the manufacturers age is 8 years and over. My son is a competent reader and could cope with trying to read upside down. However my 4 year old really enjoyed it. Sometimes she spotted the letter patterns first. She can only read a few three letter words and capital letters aren’t her strong point, but visual recognition is. We wrote the word out on a piece of paper in capitals and asked her to find it. I don’t like leaving one of them out of a game, and with a bit of help she felt involved. No help whatsoever could avoid the tantrums if one of her coloured counters got removed by someone else taking it over.

I looked it up on Amazon to put a link on this post but it’s really expensive! I’ve seen it in Tesco for £13 and most retailers in the run up for Christmas were selling it for around £13-£15.

Wordsearch is a game worth buying. There is a bit of competition about it (especially between my husband and I. I like to think I’m much better at English than he is so it was a matter of pride that I didn’t lose lol). It encourages reading (which is always a plus in my book) and it is a great family game. You can get expansion packs like this one from Amazon UK for £8.99 with 10 extra Wordseach discs, giving you 20 extra games. I have never seen the expansion packs in the shops but the Amazon price of £8.99 is cheaper than other online retailers I’ve looked at after a quick Google.

Toy Infinity loves this game. If I was to re-write my favourite board games blog post http://www.toyinfinity.co.uk/my-all-time-favourite-childrens-board-games-that-i-like-to-play/ Wordsearch would definitely feature on it.

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  1. We love this game too, and whenever friends came over from school this was the game they would want to play in favour of silly games. Restores my faith in the kids of today !!
    This Christmas we are loving rubiks race as I’m unbeatable to date and think words.?

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