Toy Infinity’s Winter Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Even in Wales sometimes it isn’t always rainy during Winter and the cold blue sky days do guilt you into getting some fresh air. Now I can get my two outside hunting for Pokemon with no moaning but suggest a walk? It is like I have suggested I cut off their foot and use it for a hat. This Winter alphabet scavenger hunt helps to minimise moaning because I bill it as like Pokemon hunting with no phone or Pokemon. Appealing right? Otherwise known as give in Mum has told you we are going for a walk and you will enjoy it.

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Winter Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

The title says it all. Find something beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Some letters are obviously harder than others. Like z. Impossible, we cheat and add a silent z at the start of something inane like twig.

Winter does make it harder. There are minimal leaves and flowers around and most wildlife is hiding so it takes more concentration and observational skill to fill each letter.

No fancy equipment is needed, although if you have a handy clipboard that is useful. Take a pen and paper out or the notes app on your smartphone and enjoy some time together.

Further Ideas

Don’t think this is just a nature activity. Try it in a city centre or town. If you have a branch of Zara you’re laughing for z. There are just as many things to spot in the urban environment and let’s face it you may not have access to the countryside.

Your local park. Cardiff is blessed with a variety of parks and green spaces. Each has something different to offer. Try the parks in your area.

Use it all year round! This isn’t just a Winter idea. Do it in each season and then at the end of the year compare what you found each time. Is it the same?

A lifesaver activity for a child who gets bored quickly in the supermarket. Find a food or brand to fill each letter. You might end up taking longer to do your shopping if they take ages though.

So, this is my favourite activity at this time of year the Winter Alphabet Scavenger Hunt. If you try this out I hope you have fun!

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