Why jigsaws? Who watches You Tube videos of jigsaws?

When I started Toy Infinity’s You Tube channel one of the first videos was a Peppa Pig jigsaw video. We have several jigsaw videos on our channel now and I’m often asked why jigsaws?

I don’t know if you have kids, but if you do, how often do you do a jigsaw and your child watches? Not so much as they get older, but I was certainly jigsaw demo lady fairly frequently when they were younger. They learnt from watching me match the shapes and patterns of each puzzle. It got me thinking; why not the same thing on You Tube? The pieces are put together in order, and the viewer can see the picture being built, much like watching a parent doing it.

It will never replace the hands on learning of twisting each piece around endlessly, driving you insane with impatience trying not to grab it off them and put it in the right place. Videos will never replace the feel of the cardboard pieces or the achievement of doing it “all by yourself”. However, jigsaw videos can put an idea in a child’s head, so that’s how you do it.

Or it is just something mindless to watch with a bit of nice music in the background. Any kids reading the above would probably laugh and say I’m massively over-thinking it. I wouldn’t sit and watch someone else doing a jigsaw but I’m not a child, and my two will quite happily watch all kinds of jigsaw action on You Tube.

This Octonauts jigsaw puzzle video is our latest one. Let me know if your young children enjoy it, or what characters they would like to see next. If they do like the video, subscribe to our channel to keep up-to-date with all our videos. If they don’t like you can tell me that too, I just won’t tell my son ?.

Octonauts Jigsaw Puzzle by Toy Infinity