Who Decided to Invent Glitter?

Bloody Glitter

This will be a short but light hearted rant about probably my daughter’s favourite craft supply. I hate glitter. I like glittery things but I do not like the mess a five year old leaves after being let loose with a pot of glitter.

There are some things I don’t understand…

  1. Why do they always have glitter stuck in their hair from school? Many times on a nit check I’ve felt my heart sink only to realise it was glitter.
  2. Why does so much fall off after you have glued it on?
  3. Half the pots have lids that are too hard to take off. Plus when you do manage it the force sends the stuff flying everywhere.
  4. What sadist buys your child glitter for their birthday? Yes, you know who you are lol.
  5. Glitter glue. It’s even worse than glitter on its own. And it’s not even sticky. Even if it was you hide the sparkly bits in it sticking stuff down.

Glitter Free Zone

I’m not mean enough to enforce a glitter free zone but maybe I should be. You know it has been spread far and wide when you find it in your baby’s hair and he hasn’t been near it.

This was my Victor Meldrew moment caused by the dropping of a pot of red glitter from that birthday craft set. I will have my revenge! Take a look at my top craft items not to buy. You have been warned people.

If you choose not to heed my warning The Range sell some really cool glitter crafting supplies from as little as £1. Must admit I love the look of the glitter paint!