What Would I Buy a New Parent? My Newborn Wish List

My Newborn Wish List

With your first baby you buy whatever you think will be useful. By the time you’re on your third like me, you give away some of it (that I never used) and stick to the products that you find most useful. This is my newborn wish list of those products that I couldn’t live without in the early couple of months. It is very much trial and error and you won’t know what works for you probably until you are on your next child and get everything you didn’t really use back out of storage.


This is wonderful stuff. If you are going to buy anything to complement breast feeding, make sure it is this. You don’t need to use much, a tiny amount after each feed, and there’s no need to try and remember to wash it off before the next feed. It works by moist healing and prevents painful cracking because of poor latching. I tend to use one tube in the early few weeks because I go totally overboard with how much I use, I now have a pretty full second tube that will last me for at least 12 months. Lansinoh is also useful on dry skin on the rest of the family and I find it soothing on my eyes when the itchy hay fever skin starts in early summer.

Lansinoh, newborn, baby

A Changing Unit

I can’t say enough how much I have used our changing unit. It was bought in 2008 when I had my eldest and even though it has recently retired out of use with my youngest for nappy changing, it is still storing all the nappies and stuff in my living room. They do have a lifespan, once baby is rolling they became a liability or you need to grow another pair of hands. After birth, not having to bend on the floor and change their nappies is a life saver; especially if you have a caesarian section scar. (If you have had or are having a c-section read my post on c-section recovery). I will be sad when I finally find a new owner for our unit, it’s been a constant companion in the baby days. I also bought an over-cot changing unit for use upstairs that slotted over the cot sides. Again, it stopped any bending over when changing night nappies plus I didn’t have to walk downstairs to use the changing unit.

Dove Baby Wash

I really like this baby wash it leaves my youngest with really soft skin after his bath. The pump action lid is easy to use one handed – you get lots of soft foamy bubbles from one squirt. I couple it with a massage of baby oil afterwards and he’s delightfully soft.

Dove baby wash, newborn

Bouncy chair

If you are on a budget and debating between a moses basket and bouncy chair I would go for the latter. A moses basket lasts such a short amount of time – they will have outgrown it after a few months. Most of them have handles that fall inwards meaning sleep time turns into playtime. A bouncy chair can be used from birth with a newborn head hugger and isn’t out-grown for much longer. Ours used to have an attachment with some dangling toys but I can no longer find that and to be honest with two older children I think it would prove to be a liability around them. Look for a bouncy chair with easily washable covers; there will always be a leaking nappy or projectile vomit at some point.

Nursing chair

I know a lot of people will say it is necessary but I loved my nursing chair. Well, I call it a nursing chair. I bought a Poang chair from Ikea and because it sat in the bedroom it got called the nursing chair. A proper nursing chair can be hundreds but at about £50 it is good value for money. You need a couple of cushions behind your back in the early days to support your posture. The arm rests are a good height for supporting your arm under the weight of the baby. After a while you might switch to breastfeeding lying down and then the chair becomes “the laundry chair” like it is in my bedroom now.

A feeding pillow.

However you choose to feed your baby; whether breast or bottle a feeding pillow can help you be more comfortable in the days after birth. I bought a v-shaped body pillow while pregnant that would double as a breast feeding pillow after birth. To be honest after a while you learn how to support a baby to protect your birth scars (wherever they may be!) without it. But for the first 3 or 4 weeks I couldn’t do without mine. A lot of them come without washable covers; I find two pillowcases work just as well on the v-shaped pillow.


They grow so quickly. A few newborn outfits and the rest 0-3 months have always done me, but I don’t have huge babies! Personally I like baby vests and sleep suits in the early weeks. They are comfortable and you can get some really cute ones. Next and Marks and Spencer’s are good because they are cut a little more generously in leg length. I can guarantee you though you will spend half the time poppering up legs to find an extra one at the end.


I am crap at swaddling with blankets. In no time their arms and legs are out, they are cold and crying. Again. Like the pull down a pooey vest over the body, not the head I discovered these swaddle wraps on my third baby. They are shaped so it is easy to swaddle, with enough length to get a good wrap around the limbs. I LOVED this.


So that is my newborn wish list! Let’s hope my favourite products give you some ideas for your own newborn baby. Only the experience of caring for a newborn baby will give you the experience of what works for you. Ultimately you will realise, like the rest of us that go onto have multiple children that half the time you just muddle along. Happy parenting.


  1. I usually opt for clothing as a gift to newborns. And nappies and wipes as well.

    1. Nappies and wipes are a great idea and always appreciated.

  2. I had every single one of those except for the Dove baby wash. I used Johnson and Johnson. It’s been so long since I’ve used any of those things I don’t think Dove had a baby wash when mine were infants lol.

    1. No I’ve never used it before my newest son either.

  3. Hindsight is wonderful when you know the kinds of things which you really do or don’t use x

    1. Isn’t it just!

  4. I have a friend who is pregnant so I can`t wait to recommend her this blog post. Although I don`t have any babies, I read it and I found the information really valuable ♥

    1. Thank you – hope your friend will find some useful information.

  5. Ah yes a changing unit is so helpful. We used one with my foster mum a lot when she was younger! x

    1. They are fab!

  6. You should add a Ewan the Dreamsheep onto this list. We got one when pickle was 2 weeks old and it has slept with him every night since. He is now almost 3!!

    1. Never used Ewan the dreamsheep, might look him out for my baby son. Thanks.

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