Vintage Lego set – how Lego playing used to be!

Vintage Lego Sets

I’ve mentioned this before, Lego playing in this house consists of a new Lego set and following instructions. I’m trying to get both of them to use their imagination a bit and just wing it and see what happens. I sound old but vintage Lego making likemwhen I was a child! There were no themed sets then!

We have this old retro Lego set from the 1970’s in an original wooden box. It’s full of pieces to build houses and shops. It’s fab. I love it. So what happened when I got it out for the kids? I fully expected a dismal response, the pieces are in a boring wooden box, they are all red or white with a few other coloured oners and towers mixed in. I didn’t expect the excited response I got. It was like the best set in the world. Let’s be honest the pieces are old, covered in teeth marks and more dust than under my sofa; but some of them are unusual. old fashioned signs; what’s a kiosk? What is Shell? Words that my two children don’t use that often.


It isn’t hard to make a building. It is walls and in our case no roof because we didn’t have any roof tiles. A few doors, a sprinkling of windows and bob’s your uncle you have a building fit for a mini figure.

It proved to me that a fresh pair of eyes won’t always see what you do. The old age of it, maybe it’s slightly battered condition or the fact that it has pen scribbled all over some of the pieces. They see it for what it is. Lego. New Lego. Lego they haven’t built with before. Exciting Lego that doesn’t need instructions or fancy mini figures. Darth Vader looked as at home in the Shell petrol station my son built as he did in his Tai Fighter.

What about second hand Lego?

So next time you get some old toys out. Don’t use the words battered or tired. Use the word new; because to your children they are new. Look on Ebay or Gumtree and buy people’s old vintage Lego stashes. Every block made from 1958 fits modern day blocks so they can mix and match to their heart’s content. Sometimes you’ll find a bargain because someone is clearing out and doesn’t want to keep them. Don’t forget car boot sales! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all.

Happy building people!! Don’t forget that the orange brick separator will still work!


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  1. Whenever I’ve picked up my children any really good toys or second hand outfits from charity shops I do try and treat them with the same enthusiasm as new ones, my children aged 3 and 1 don’t know any different at the moment!

  2. Aw! How nice to be able to share some of your LEGO with your children!

    Unfortunately my mum gave all mine away as I got older… the thought of this still fills me with deep deep rage… but I’ll be sure to keep H’s (and D’s) for when they get older this time 🙂

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