Using Facebook Marketplace to Sell Second Hand Toys

Facebook Marketplace

Ebay revolutionised online selling. It was the first successful marketplace where you could buy anything from anywhere. We are spoilt for choice now for buying online. A new popular favourite is Facebook Marketplace. If you don’t know how to use it or why you should use it, then this blog post is for you.

Facebook Selling on Facebook Marketplace

When using the app you will have noticed the marketplace icon, it’s in the middle and probably has been giving you ‘look at this’ updates most of the time you log on. Previously you could sell on Facebook just using specific selling groups that are often started by members of the public who act as admin to keep the buyers and sellers in line. Marketplace is run by Facebook. You can either opt to just keep selling within your private group or to also put your item on the Marketplace and reach a wider audience.


If you feel nervous about having people collect things from your house then meet them in a supermarket car park or another public place close to you. There are no rules that say you must sell from your property!


It is free! Well for now it is free – I’m sure that one day Facebook might charge you to sell. Even businesses can sell through Facebook marketplace. Products vary in quality and price (as you would expect for a second hand market) and it is very much buyer beware. You message the seller and arrange to meet and buy the item for cash.

I have found selling on Facebook a lot more hit and miss than selling secondhand things on Ebay, I reckon because people won’t collect small items unless they’re close by. Where as people will pay postage for the same item on Ebay.

What is Successful?

Large toys like play tables and garden toys.

Clothing bundles especially for brands like Boden and designer labels.

Bikes, scooters and other transport toys.

Facebook Marketplace


  • Good pictures
  • Clear and accurate descriptions (with clear photos of any damage)
  • Set a realistic price
  • Don’t advertise to strangers if your property is vacant or you are on holiday.