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UEFA Champions League Festival Cardiff

Champions in the Bay

Cardiff Champion's League Festival 2017

This weekend has seen the Champion’s League final in Cardiff at the Principality Stadium. In the run up to the match itself and the Women’s final there was a UEFA Champion’s League festival in Cardiff Bay. The festival coincided with half term here in Cardiff so we could take advantage of the quieter Thursday and Friday to visit and take part in the attractions.

We went on the first day and completely lucked out on the weather and because we went on Thursday morning it was fairly quiet too. My eldest children took part in the challenge, and the six interactive games you had to complete on your challenge card. Unfortunately one of them was for over-12’s only but they could still get their stamp from the person manning the queue. They were really good child-friendly challenges. After you collected all six stamps you could trade your card in for a prize. My son chose the official programme, my daughter the pen. They both had a pin badge too.


The inflatable trophy was the scene for many selfies. I just wish I’d thought to get my children to pose with it in the background a little more imaginatively. If inflatables weren’t your thing you could queue to see the real deal. Going on the Thursday both trophies were there. To be fair, the wait time was only 15 minutes and picture taking very efficient. Mind you I would imagine the queue was bigger on final day. No faffing around for your camera – they took the photo for you to download online for free later on. Brilliant idea. Not such a brilliant idea to be wearing the ugliest baby carrier ever; it gave me lumps in places I don’t normally have them too.

Special Appearances

As a Liverpool FC long-time follower it was nice to spot David James in the Steve McManaman Real Madrid volley challenge. Everyone I watched attempting it was very brave. No way I’d give that a go in front of a crowd. Unfortunately the youngest wasn’t having any of it to stay for the football match in the evening so I missed out on seeing Steve McManaman in the flesh. My teenage ego was very disappointed, he was my favourite Liverpool Spice Boy. Apologies for the appalling photo I only had my phone with me and the lighting was terrible. We didn’t go for the Legends match on the Friday night and it was rammed according to everyone who did go. Some amazing footballers took part, including Ian Rush (getting a Liverpool vibe here still?).

Liverpool FC

I’ve never been to a Champion’s League Festival before and unless Cardiff hosts it again I doubt I’ll go to another but it was a brilliant day for children. The atmosphere was friendly, security was everywhere and the Bay looked glorious in the sunshine.

Did you go? And did you enjoy it?



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