Twitter Scheduling Tips For Free!

Twitter scheduling

You only need to have spent a few weeks on Twitter before the buy 10,000 followers for £10 accounts start following you. While it would be much quicker to buy some fake followers there is absolutely no point in it. The best way to grow your audience is to regularly tweet and Twitter scheduling makes this possible. Here are my favourite tips for free ways to schedule your Twitter posts. Be sure to interact with any replies to your tweets even if you can’t do it straight away. Twitter is more like a conversation than other social media platforms – make the most of this. There are some nice people out there (and some odd ones).

Twitter Ads for Business

  • It isn’t only for paid account promotion.
  • Manage creatives: write a tweet and either publish it straight away or schedule it at a date and time to suit you.
  • Scheduling tweets is free.
  • You can add images to scheduled tweets.
  • If you have created Twitter cards they can also be scheduled.

Twitter scheduling instructions

Social Oomph

  • I have only recently discovered this!
  • You can connect up to 5 Twitter accounts.
  • Use the drafts function to save your blog posts url’s. Then you just need to select the draft you want, add a few hashtags and set it to publish. It saves hours of copying and pasting.
  • I have the free account and haven’t paid to upgrade so I can’t comment on whether it’s worth it or what extras you get.


  • If you think of a tweet but don’t want to send it yet save it as a draft. Think of it like a notebook by the side of your bed to remember those weird dreams.
  • Remember to log back in and tweet it.
  • Nothing like doing things the old fashioned way!

How often to schedule?

I’m still working this one out. I aim to tweet something every hour but usually only up until 10pm. I’m sure I’m missing out on overnight promotion to the other side of the world so I might have to try schedule tweets in the early hours as well.

  • Use Twitter analytics to see which tweets get the most engagement. Is there a certain time of day that more people like and comment what you tweet?
  • Are tweets with images getting more exposure? If they are add images to most of your scheduled tweets.
  • Mix it up! No-one likes to read a timeline of blog post links for eight hours. Throw in some conversational tweets as well.
  • Re-tweet other people. Not only are you reading their content, they might re-tweet you in return in the future.
  • Use hashtags and usernames in your scheduled tweets as well to get the biggest audience possible.