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I Love Twitter

I unashamedly love Twitter. I love the stupid things that people tweet and the variety of weird and wonderful blog posts that get shared. But most of all I love reading the very often crazy tweets from Donald Trump. He’s a president but there’s nothing presidential about a lot of the stuff he shares.

It is the best and worst of our lifestyle today. It is too easy to write 140 characters of indignation or ranting without thinking too much about it before you hit send. I mean whoever advised him to slag off Kim Jong Un on Twitter should really be collecting their P60 and joining the dole queue. Not because North Korea isn’t a worry but sending those messages is never going to end well for the rest of us is it? It isn’t just the things he writes that fascinates me but the thousands of replies. I’ve spent a lot of time up in the middle of the night feeding my youngest. You have to do something to stay awake and the choice is usually Mumsnet or Twitter. His tweets about fake news were the funniest and some of the best replies. There are some really creative meme makers out there. And the replies really show you how divided the US is over President Trump.

I wish I’d put money on Trump winning and also a US President tweeting a video of him playing a golf shot that knocks over the other candidate. I mean you couldn’t make it up. You never know he might actually be the best US president in living history but he will also be the one known for tweeting insults and rants.

Now there is no way on earth I’d read the tweets of Theresa May. They’re so dull.