Toy Unboxing!?!

If you have children you probably know all about the craze of toy unboxing on YouTube. My two have been obsessed with unboxing for ages. Mention the name Disney Collector and they are happy as Larry. I don’t think I have ever seen as many Kinder Eggs in my life as during some Disney Collector videos. All kinds of toy collectors do these videos from both sides of the big pond.

My eldest does everything as a YouTube commentary. It seemed only natural that he gave the unboxing a go when he spent his hard earned pocket money on a new Wii U game.

The main reason I’m encouraging this is it can only help his literacy work in school. His challenge is to think of as many wow words and connectives as possible (sadly he had to remind me what a connective was lol). It is much harder when you’re talking on the spot, rather than sitting and thinking for ages. ┬áHe got a huge amount of confidence from producing his video. I have managed to persuade him he has no need to go looking for comments just in case. This is more about him, his interests and a bit of Mum and son bonding time over a video camera project.

Education takes place in the strangest of ways sometimes!