Top 10 Holiday Activity Choices For Kids By My Kids

What Do You Want To Do Today?

Every holiday we get them to write a list of ten things they would love to do on their school holiday. It is always quite apprehensive because you never know what ridiculous things they will put down. This summer their list was very sensible and actually focused more on doing things than getting things.

This is my eldest two children’s guide to what they want to do in Cardiff this summer.

  • Plane watching. Boy1 is obsessed with planes so this always makes an appearance. For more information on where is the best place to watch the planes read this blog.
  • McDonalds. This always makes an appearance. That tells you how often they get to eat Maccy D’s.
  • Go to the cinema. We still haven’t done this one! But we are over due a visit to watch Toy Story 4.
  • Have a BBQ in the garden. Love this one. We get the sports kit out, the pétanque balls and maybe a beer for the adults.
  • Have a sleepover with their grandparents. They love going to sleep at my in-laws – I reckon this is their highlight of the summer.
  • Go to the museum. A real family favourite and the new snake exhibition is here for the summer.
  • Scooter down the barrage. This is part driven by excitement (going fast on the scooter) and part by fear (of the barrage bridge opening).
  • Go to a restaurant. This always features too. We generally get a Groupon for a family friendly place like Harvester. Eating out isn’t something we really do. Boy2 is only two and a nightmare to get to sit still for long.
  • Painting. This only gets a vote from The Girl. I have a long roll of paper for this art activity. They make their version of the Bayeaux tapestry with paint and brushes. I guarantee Boy1 will include a Fortnite reference, The Girl a rainbow and Boy2 a splodgey bus.
  • Go on a nature walk. We take out scavenger sheets like this one to keep them interested.

I have always tried to encourage lists that don’t involve expensive days out. The odd day is fine but after six weeks it would be too expensive; especially for three children. Add in plenty of find your own things to do days and a couple of weeks away and you have the summer sorted.

We just need to keep the good weather we had when the school was still in session.