Themed Lego Party Bag Ideas


Lego Party Bags and Fillers

Party bags are let’s face it, the bane of our lives when organising a party. This post is just to give a little inspiration or a few ideas of things I like on a particular theme. So let’s explore Lego party bags.

What Lego themed ideas for a good party bag that doesn’t cost a fortune, because who wants to spend a lot of money on 30 party bags.

Block party loot bags Not officially Lego but at £1.46 for 8 they are affordable and they look like Lego bricks.

Pack of 12 Lego block shaped rubbers these have an extra 99p delivery charge on them. At the current price they work out at 33p each (including the delivery cost).

12 Lego notebooks for £5.52 (or 46p each) A little bit more expensive but it depends on your budget per bag.

9 pin badges with Lego movie characters on them, for 30p each at the current price.

12 Lego block pencils with rubbers on the end. There is a lot of Lego-themed stationary party bag gifts! They work out at 33p each at the current price.

Alternatively one of these building block racing car kits and a piece of cake would make an easy party bag At 78p each they are good value. Postage is free too.

You can get a 20 piece set of random men Lego figures They work out at 23p each at the current price of £4.70 with free postage.

If you are going the whole hog with a themed party layout you can get a Lego block party pack for 16 place settings (plates, cups, napkins, balloons and a table cover) for £14.99 (but there is quite an expensive £4 delivery charge on top of that price!)


I hope this post has given you some ideas for your Lego party bags. As always shop around, compare prices and make sure you get the best value for your party bag.

If you have any brilliant Lego themed buys, please leave a comment (with link if possible) for other readers of Toy Infinity.