The Toy Infinity Pre-Christmas Mission


Over the next few months I’ll be highlighting some of the bargain buys out there that I have picked up or seen online and in various retail stores. As far as possible I will provide links and information so you can find them yourself and I’ll also provide Amazon affiliate links if they happen to be the cheapest retailer. They might interest you, they might not.

Most of them will be time limited or may sell out so I apologise if you miss anything or it’s out of stock; I will have no control over that!

Let’s be honest most of us start to look for and put away presents and stocking fillers well before December. Now I’m never organised enough to do it in the Christmas sales for the next year (although I know someone who does), but from September onwards I do pick up what I see.

I take no responsibility for helping you to remember where you stashed all this stuff on December 24th! I’ll have enough trouble trying to find my own….