The force is with you my friend.

Is there someone in your household obsessed with Star Wars? My 7 year old is, and the 3 year old isn’t far behind him. He loves the films and has seen the new one twice and I couldn’t tell you how many re-runs of the older films. She really just wants to be him, so is happy to do anything he says.

Our house is now dominated by the light sabres they both had for Christmas. Although I have had words with Santa for bringing them ones that screw together and form one big double ended disaster waiting to happen. At the moment they are both Jedi’s (he hasn’t forced her into the role of Darth Vader yet) and their imaginary teamwork is fab. Of all the playsets, the Lego, the mini figures; their desire is to be the Jedi, not to play with the Jedi.

So what’s the point of this post about light sabres? A film, a simple toy, some imagination and two children is awesome to watch. Isn’t that the best part of childhood when you can prance around pretending to be someone else and not feel ridiculous? As a girl I wished I was Leia, not as much as I wished I had a light sabre like Alex next door mind you. As a Mum I like to see my two love it just as much.

I just hope they keep all their teeth for as long as this game continues and that soon my daughter stops wanting to be called Luke in public instead of her real name. Oh, and that I get given a better role than the Emporer!