Teacher Gifts With A Difference

Teacher Gifts

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It’s nearly the end of term. We all start looking for the usual end of term gifts. But what if you want something more unusual? Well look no further or maybe do if you’re looking for sensible presents you might actually give lol.

Desktop Arcade Machine

Maybe this isn’t your usual gift. 240 games for £19.99. And you’d have to know your audience would appreciate it lol. You can get one from Prezzybox.

Harry Potter Fans!

Harry Potter, tea and heat changing. What more could any teacher ask for? Click here for the Prezzybox link.

Password Book

The cover made me laugh. I also need one of these though. Too many bloody passwords.

I can think of a teacher who needs this lol. Find it here.

Truffle Shuffle t-shirts

Some of my favourites that you don’t find on the high street. Firstly, the teen fiction I adored.

Toy Story

I had to include this when I saw it. Toy Infinity and Beyond and all that right? A tongue in cheek gift and celebration of the fact we are almost going to see Toy Story 4. And who doesn’t love a dippy egg!

You have to admit that is cool. Especially if your teacher recipient has children. Better than another box of chocolates when you’re on a diet. So, if you love it click the link.

Some of my favourite fairly quirky gift ideas. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not I’ve actually enjoyed settling down with a cup of tea and browsing through what I would like to get.