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My Blog Goals by the End of the Year

Blog Goals

I like to set myself realistic goals. I am the type to give up if I think I’m not making progress; it’s probably my biggest failing. In January I will have been blogging for two years! So it seems a good time to think about what I would like to have achieved by the end of 2017. What are my blog goals for the last few week so of 2017?

I gave birth in March and Post Natal Depression has meant that I haven’t my focused on Toy Infinity as much as I would have liked certainly this year and the last quarter of 2016. However, when I look back at what I’ve written I feel proud at what I have achieved. I’ve taught myself even more about Canva and now produce better images than I did before. So much so, that a lot of my traffic is now coming from Pinterest.

Social Media Calendar


I’ve hit my goal of 1,000 followers by the end of this year. I love Twitter it’s my favourite social media platform and the one I spend the most time developing. I have posted before on scheduling ideas. I’m a total 1,150 now so I liked to hit 1,200 by the end of the year. I haven’t been scheduling much as I deal with a new baby and PND so I’m extra pleased how my audience has grown. If you want to follow me on Twitter follow this link!


I hit 150 followers so far this year. Way short of the 500 I set myself. However, until August I didn’t really post on the platform so I’m pleased with how it has grown. Instagram is my biggest challenge for next year I would like to hit 500 by the end of next year definitely. I’m enjoying the photography and experimenting with different layouts and lighting set ups. If you want to follow me on Instagram follow this link!


Facebook is a hard slog isn’t it. I go through periods of posting and scheduling to not even see my posts on my own timeline. I refuse to pay for my posts. So, I’ve decided Facebook isn’t the profile for me. I’m not going to ignore it and I’ll post occasionally but I’m not going to grow it as an audience. If you want to follow me on Facebook follow this link!


I’m not concerned with follower numbers on Pinterest. I’ve had a good increase in re-pins and traffic to my blog recently after over-hauling my images. It’s shown me the importance of good Pinterest specific pictures on your blog. The traffic to my affiliate accounts has risen considerably too with some tweaks to the quality of my pins. If you want to look through my boards follow this link!

Stumble Upon

Another platform I love! It is driving good traffic to my site. The best part about it is the stumble button. There is some awesome content on there and you can build your portfolio of likes. I’ve written a Stumble Upon guide here. My goal with Stumble Upon is to remember to upload my content. I’m setting myself half an hour on a Thursday morning to do it.


Most importantly what are my blog goals for Toy Infinity in 2018? To keep going! To post regularly and try and get a schedule going. I love the niche I have carved out for myself and I have over 50 draft ideas still saved so there’s lots to come. Next year I hope to get back on the trail of collaborations and sponsored posts. This blog is turning into a form of memory jar for me. In 2018 I will build on that thought with activities we have done, places we have been. Also, toys and apps we have bought (and been gifted).

Ultimately, I have a big love of writing. It makes me happy to put thoughts into words and that is the number one driving force behind me. Love of it.

Well thank you for visiting if you blog what are your end of year blog goals? Let me know in the comments and leave a link.

Rhi x


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You Tube as Kids Entertainment?!

I love You Tube. I mean really love it. Obviously the clips like Ronnie Pickering my two kids haven’t seen. However, if you haven’t tried You Tube as tv, it really is well worth giving it a go.Don’t forget the child controls! I did on the now tv app. Nothing worse than discovering your son and friend watching some rather large, rather scantily clad lady singing songs from Miracle in Town, rather than some innocent video to go with their nativity play song practice. Once you have the videos on restricted control you can be sure that your under 18’s won’t see anything unsuitable.

So what do we watch? We love Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio, if you like rainbow coloured cakes and cupcakes check out that channel. If you have a pre-school child I bet you have heard of Disney Collector. I have many home videos of both of mine impersonating her. They are too sweet and I’ll enjoy bringing them out at their 18th birthdays. My Cupcake Addiction is another great baking channel. We’ve learnt many frosting techniques with her tutorial videos.

My two are one of millions of subscribers to EvanTubeHD. I think I’ve watched more hours of EvanTubeHD than episodes of Friends! Add to that the BrickBuilder channel and I can put Lego together in my sleep, without using the instruction book.

I would never have watched hours of Heroes in the City, or Robocar Poli without You Tube. But is that why I love it the most? Hell no. It’s the chance to re-live my childhood. Inspector Gadget, He-Man, Jamie and the Magic Torch and Thundercats are just some of the tv from the ’80’s I have introduced them to. They weren’t impressed at all with the Flumps, something I cannot understand at all. Grandfather Flump,and the carrot in the flumpet stills makes me laugh today. If you’re too young to know what I’m on about You Tube it.

There are thousands of more educational videos on You Tube, something that Toy Infinity will develop using my experiences and activities over the past seven years. Learning to count, learning colours, learning letters are all covered with a variety of characters and presentation styles.

So if you You Tube, what channels do you watch?