Nintendo’s Super Mario Chess Set Review

Super Mario Chess!

This is a terrible review for UK parents who think ‘yes my child would love a Super Mario chess set’. We bought it at the really cool Nintendo shop in New York City at the Rockefeller Centre. Although I have recently found it on sale in Amazon. I won’t tell you we paid less in the US…. Unless you count the holiday cost then the Amazon option is much cheaper!

We bought it for my son who loves Super Mario and all things Nintendo. Since chess is a tactical game we thought that it would be a more educational game choice. The fact we both love chess didn’t come into our decision making at all. Honest.

As you would expect instead of the usual chess pieces, there is an assortment of Nintendo Super Mario characters instead. Thankfully, they have written the names that they are supposed to be on the bottom because otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue how to set it up. I don’t have a clue on which side some of them should go. Who knew the pink guy was a baddie? Who knew the pink guys name? I tried googling pink guy in Super Mario and got lots of images of some bloke in a pink all-in-one.

Anyway, back to Super Mario chess. It has good chunky pieces that don’t fall over. My son was pleased with the characters they included, although Luigi being the Queen which lead to a bit of ‘but he’s a boy’ thinking. He wasn’t so bothered about Bowser Jr being queen; I guess he hasn’t attached a gender to him.

So what do we think?

Would I change anything? Only the folding board, but I hate all game boards that fold down to quarter size. My children generally don’t unfold the boards the right way so they get damaged. That might just be my children though! The metal storage box is great and pretty much guarantees that it won’t get destroyed in the future by too much manual handling. Although maybe a character sheet for parents who know nothing about Super Mario would be useful so we don’t look so ignorant.

It is a great (and much more fun looking) introduction to chess. Definitely aged 8+, I tried playing it with my 4 year old. It took a lot of patience and repeating instructions. It wasn’t that fun lol. Good luck teaching them the rules and keep an eye on the Knights! They are the try to cheat with piece in this house.