Summer Holiday Ideas That Only Involve Time Not Money

Summer Holiday Ideas

Term finishes on Tuesday and after they come running out of school, the reality of three children at home for six weeks hits home. The problem I find is that in the house they argue, make a huge bloody mess, constantly eat and I morph into impatient Mum fairly shortly after. In an attempt to avoid being impatient at home, and maybe become impatient somewhere else I have a list of activities and summer holiday ideas at hand. None of them involve money on entrance fees or buying stuff to be able to do it. I’m trying to keep a 9 year old, 6 year old and 1 year old happy. This might be the biggest challenge I have ever undertaken.


Full of the usual suspects, not much imagination here…

  • The park for playtime (and maybe a picnic or two)
  • Build a den in your garden. It doesn’t have to be fancy – a couple of kitchen chairs and a blanket.
  • Walk – always underrated. It doesn’t matter if you do a rural or city walk.
  • Litter picking.
  • The beach. Brave, I hate sand.
  • Gardening or in our case weeding….
  • Plane watching at Cardiff Airport. There’s a skate park with a big open green space right next to it!


  • Get them to draw a portrait of you. Always interesting to see how your kids view you!
  • Nature time fashion show. Old clothes only for this, either attach them to a colour sheet or get them to do their design on an old t-shirt.
  • Song writing or making up a song – you don’t actually have to write anything.
  • Paper airplanes. Especially if you make them decorate the whole piece of paper first.


  • Board game time! I recommend staying away from Monopoly unless you want to argue lol.
  • Story cards – a brilliant way to practice their English too.
  • Chores. Especially putting their own clothes away.
  • Baking and cooking. The older ones both love this and the younger one loves eating what they make.

Places with Free Entry

  • St Fagan’s. We’re lucky that just outside Cardiff is the Museum of Welsh Life. It’s free entry (you pay to park) but you can spend a day here with a picnic and it’s good for all ages.
  • National Museum of Wales.
  • The Cardiff Story Museum
  • Cardiff Castle – if you live in Cardiff and have a key to the castle.
  • Wales Millennium Centre – look for the events they run during the holidays. They are always a lot of fun.
  • Cardiff Bay Beach – free entry but you might get stung for some of the rides though.
  • Cardiff Bay Barrage – the exercise park and the sandy park are great for an afternoon’s entertainment.
  • If you take a trip into the centre of Cardiff visit it’s many parks for a run around or a picnic.
  • Cosmeston Lakes. A lovely place for a walk and they have a great play park too. Don’t miss the replica village either!
  • Roath Park Lake. A walk and a park – free if you can park close by and avoid the cafe lol.
  • The Senedd. Educational too – they can learn how the Welsh Assembly works. My two get slightly freaked out by the security you have to go through to get in.
Welsh Assembly Building
The Senedd
Millennium Centre
Wales Millennium Centre
summer holiday ideas st fagan's
St Fagan’s Tractor Park

Good luck parents, I’ll see you on the other side in September where for the first day I’ll be glad they’re back in school and then I miss them like crazy. Have a fun and peaceful summer holiday, whether on holiday or at home. I hope my summer holiday ideas might fill a gap in your schedule.