Star Wars Lego 75091 Flash Speeder Our Newest Set

I can’t even pretend I got a look in with the Star Wars Lego 75091 set. My son had made it before breakfast this week. He proudly presented the finished article.

Lego set 75091 Disney Star Wars

Star Wars Lego 75091 comes with 5 minifigures: Naboo security officer, Captain Tarpals, a slightly different Naboo security guard and 2 battle droids. The 2 battle droids feel quite thin and a lot more flimsy than the usual minifigures design, but I suppose with how they are in the film Lego had no choice. It consists of 312 Lego pieces, most of them grey and green.

Star Wars Lego 75091

My son is 8, he built this easily himself in one session. My only criticism is it has shooting bits. But that’s purely from a boring Mum point of view knowing the complaining when he eventually does lose them. Mind you I will confess now I don’t know how you shoot them because I can’t work it out…..

There isn’t a lot of detail on the finished speeder. Star Wars Lego 75091 has no stickers to apply apart from two small details in the cockpit. The moveable gun on the back is easy to knock off, especially if your younger sister gets too close to it (or your Mum when she is trying to take photos!)

Whatever I think is irrelevant. He loves it. It is a nice size set for independent Lego building, especially for children of between 8-9 like my son.

Lego set 75091

Star Wars Lego 75091 is available at Amazon UK for Lego Star Wars 75091 (price correct Feb 2017). I think this price point makes it an affordable set for children to save for unlike some of the bigger, more impressive sets.

What Do We Think?

Another good build from Lego and another highly played with Lego Star Wars set in our house.


Lego Star Wars 75091

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