St Fagan’s Museum of Welsh Life a Safe Haven for Learning and Play

On the face of it St Fagan’s might not be your first choice of place to take your children, but I hope to convince you that it is a fabulous place for children of all ages.

The Museum of Welsh Life is full of old buildings reconstructed as they would have been originally from all over Wales. It is worth saying now that the buildings aren’t pram friendly and you can’t take them inside so if you’re going with a young baby it is worth bearing this in mind.

So here are my favourite things about St Fagan’s.

  • The animals. Not quite as fun now the building work has started and you can’t get to the farm but there are still pigs, cows and sheep dotted about in the small fields. 
  • The greenery. It is a lovely walk around the site, even if you don’t go into the buildings, and it’s safe. Keep an eye out for the building work traffic at some points, and the tractor ride lol.
  • The newts. A good activity is heading to the Tannery with its outdoor water pits and spotting the newts. To give you an idea in six years of going to St Fagans every couple of months I have seen a newt once. My daughter thinks she’s trying to spot something the size of the model on display. Thankfully she’s not lol.
  • The bakery. Lovely cakes and bread freshly baked everyday. Well worth taking a few pounds just for this shop.
  • The new tractor park. The first in a series of new projects at St Fagan’s the tractor park was a massive hit. There isn’t much there; a tractor shaped climbing frame with slide and some peddle tractors with a track to ride them on, but the big mound in the middle was the most popular part!
  • The tractor ride. This only runs at weekends and certain times of the year and you can ride it around the site for a small charge. Kids love it.
  • The main house. Take the path to the right as you go in through the entrance to get to the main house and it’s beautiful gardens. This is the best spot for a picnic.

If you are local to Cardiff and likely to go more than once it’s worth buying an annual parking pass for £25 (price correct June 2016). Although entrance to St Fagan’s is free, it costs £5 to park for the day.

This has been one of my favourite spots to bring my two children. It’s safe, has friendly staff, it’s getting outside in the fresh air and you can do something different every time. It is definitely on my list of must see places to go to in Cardiff.