Squeezy the App for your Pelvic Floor!

Squeezy Does It

It’s not glamorous. In fact most of us prefer to pretend we do our pelvic floor exercises rather than actually do them. But they are a hugely important part of every woman’s life. When was the last time you did your pelvic floor (or Kegel) exercises? Last week I downloaded the Squeezy app in a bid to improve my pelvic floor health.

Squeezy app homepage

Squeezy was released in 2013 and is an NHS approved app. Designed by specialist physiotherapists it helps guide (and remind) you to do your pelvic squeezes. I had not heard of it until recently when it was recommended to me.

The Importance of Your Pelvic Floor

Childbirth takes it’s toll and even if you had a complication-free birth I bet you can’t jump on a trampoline without a little bit of leakage. Your pelvic floor muscles are very important! Strengthen them and you minimise urinary incontinence. If you are blessed with no that needing a stash of Tena Lady you still need Tom do your pelvic floor squeezes. As with most muscles they weaken as you get older.

How do You Use it?

Squeezy costs £2.99 to download from the App Store. There’s no registering or email addresses involved. The home screen gives four options: squeeze now, exercise plan, exercise record and information.

You get guided through either slow or quick squeezes. The app times for you the length of squeeze and relaxation time for your pelvic floor muscles. In theory you need to do each set three times a day. I don’t manage three times.

Squeezy app information

The Reality of Pelvic Floor Exercises

So women’s health physiotherapists tell you to do the exercises anywhere. Great, except I can’t do them anywhere because it takes me a lot of concentration. I usually find myself subconsciously holding my breath and I’m sure I have a Kegel Face while doing them.

I went to a very bizarre group session once after having my second child. Thankfully there was no group examination lol. But when the physiotherapist asked us to squeeze it was amazing how many people bobbed up and down in their chair. You shouldn’t move -that’s cheating!

Is it Worth Buying?

Definitely. It has given me the incentive to do them rather than pretend to do them most of the time. It’s like the gym – if the amount you actually use it is recorded you go more often out of guilt. The gym I go to now records everything you do on a key fob. I’ve been twice a week religiously.

If you have had children, if you are thinking of children, are pregnant or if you are female I’d recommend this app. For the price of a cup of tea it is a no brainer.

Squeezy is also available for Android at the Google Play Store.

(Men if you don’t want to feel left out I’m sure the App Store will let you purchase it and squeeze as well!)

This isn’t a sponsored post; I truely believe that it might be of benefit.