Sponsored Posts and PR Requests

Sponsored Posts and Public Relations

The majority of posts at Toy Infinity are based on toys, games and books bought for my children. However, Toy Infinity will undertake sponsored posts on specific products as requested by companies.

We love toys and books here at Toy Infinity and are happy to review any toy from birth to high school age. If we are paid or given an item to review it will be stated that it is a sponsored post. The company involved will be clearly stated and website links provided. All reviews will still be honest, informative and our opinion (and I include my children in that our).

All sponsored posts are written and illustrated by me. I do not upload company written reviews to my blog. All photographs of the product are taken by myself, unless they are pictures through a third party website.

Finally, If you would like to get in touch to discuss how Toy Infinity could review your toy or product, contact me at rhi @ toyinfinity. co. uk. Please remove the spaces I’m trying to trick the spam bots!