Spam Comments Do My Head In

Who Does Spam Anyway?

I’ve been quiet on here for two reasons. Number one I have started a new online retail business that has been in the pipeline for ages. More on that later! Number two bloody spam comments. Who does that? 3,831 comments are in my queue list. 3,831 FFS. This is my rant at the muppets behind the spam my account.

Spam Warning Sign

I probably wouldn’t mind as much if half of them weren’t selling viagra. I’m a woman. I don’t need viagra. But worse than that there’s half a page of nonsense and half translated guff along with their spam viagra links. Please tell me that there aren’t people in this world stupid enough to actually buy from these websites.

And then they try and appear like scientists…

But according to a hot book, nearly masses are not awake of how numerous antibiotics generate into their matter and how this mightiness be the ground reason over 80 gazillion Americans have from leavening infections or moniliasis during their life.”

WTF? That’s just pressing the middle option above your table or phone keypad surely. Don’t you bring antibiotics and cancer therapy into your stupid half an A4 page long spam rants.

I’m going to generate my own spam!

You have a good time and I’ll probably get to see them soon I will love them and I will send you a text and let me know what if you’re going on the way home and I’ll text him. I’m sorry to say I have a good idea to do it but I’m going on the road trip and I’ll be back to the office

At least mine makes more sense. Add in your own viagra link to the above people.

Hours. That is what it will take to delete them all. Yes I know you can pay askimet to do it automatically for you but I don’t want to. Why should I have to pay more money out to stop some bellend trying to sell me viagra and protein powder? I mean do your target research people. Maybe spam on Lego sets or chocolate and I would let a few get published.

I have turned off comments off in a sulk. I don’t really need people to comment and more people read than comment anyway. At least you can turn comments off. It isn’t  great solution though because comments contribute to your SEO. In a good way if they are quality comments and links to other websites. But in a massively bad way if you let a lot of spam get published. Google penalises you for having a spammy website.

Make sure….

  • You mark all comments with more than two links as spam, that way you need to verify everyone.
  • Keep comments moderated. Yes it is a pain in the bum when you have an attack like mine but at least 3,831 comments aren’t live on my site right now.
  • Think about making people log in before commenting.

So keep reading but the viagra bellends have meant that for now (until I stop sulking) you will have to keep your opinions to yourselves.