Soon to be One: First Birthday Party Supplies

First Birthday

So my littlest is soon to be one. I’m not entirely sure where this year has gone. It feels like it has been lost in a haze of sleepless nights, endless feeds and a depressive fog. But it’s also been lost to first smiles, learning to move and clapping hands while babbling nonsense. Boy2 is unrecognisable from the baby who was handed to me in the hospital. He is such a happy beautiful little boy. He already shrieks and has one hell of a tantrum if he isn’t allowed to touch the electric sockets or the burglar alarm. But how awesome are the changes that occur just in that first year? From being able to do nothing but cry, eat and poo to feeding themselves and crawling/walking.

We’re going to have the usual family tea party on his birthday with the usual party treats.┬áRecently I’ve seen a lot of pictures on Instagram with first birthday cake smashes. It might just be me, but the thought of washing ground-in cake out of my son’s hair is not the way I want to celebrate his first birthday. I think it’s a wonderful idea for other people’s children because the pictures can look really cool. The one thing I haven’t got around to yet is having his fingerprint cast as a silver charm. I’m writing this thinking I really need to get on with it before his first year has totally disappeared.

Party Supplies

If you are looking for good quality licensed character birthday supplies then Toy Infinity can help you. I stock a range of first birthday party accessories in a variety of themes. We’ve gone for the animal theme set. And before the genderless arguments start, it is always blue or pink that sells. It’s not worth stocking any other colour because I get stuck with it and end up selling at a loss on EBay. Anyway, I never buy the pink things I buy blue for The Girl every time as it’s her favourite colour.

However you celebrate the first milestone, celebrate it with family and don’t forget to take photos like I always do! For more birthday party ideas have a look at the birthday party ideas category for posts like this Star Wars one!

First Birthday Party Supplies