Sometimes You Can’t Plan for Stuff

Lego City Bulldozer 60074

Like the planned Lego bulldozer video. My son and I have been talking about it for months. This particular set (Lego City Bulldozer 60074) has been sat on the idea bookcase for ages. Waiting so  patiently for us to do it, rather than talk about it. Today we did it. It took about 3 hours to photograph every stage; and that was with me doing the first book on my own before they came home. The second instruction book was a joint effort.

Now, parents with more than one child will know that whenever you plan to have them both helping it doesn’t always work how you pictured it in your head. Today, it wasn’t too bad. After the order was settled. Youngest passes to me, I pass to oldest and he fixes the pieces on, it was fairly painless. I felt like Super Nanny by the end and suitably smug.

One and a half hours it took. The littlest isn’t the fastest at finding the pieces; her brother kept pointing that out but to be fair she is three. They were quite bored by the end. But, they got to the end, it is a long time for a pair of fidgets to sit still.

We enjoyed building this Lego City set. It’s not too fiddly like some of them, although I don’t know how hardy the caterpillar tracks will be in the hands of kids. This set has a nice bit of equality in action with one male and one female mini figure. Just in case you’re obsessed with that kind of thing. The demolition house and extras it comes with are nice, but let’s be honest will probably end up lost within six months.

But what went wrong?

So what didn’t I plan for? I didn’t plan on my eldest opening the box, starting it, losing a piece and just putting it all back in the box as a “surprise”. I’ve put a link to our video on this blog. It is blindingly obvious which piece is missing. So, if you happen to have a dark grey piece with a handlebar looking thing attached to it. If you could send it to me I would be very grateful.

Lego City Bulldozer