New or Old? First Hand or Second Hand? Are You a Lover of Pre-loved?

Second hand bargains or new?

We all know what it’s like every Christmas and birthday the Argos catalogue comes out and pages and pages of toys are circled with an “I want that”. I did it every year. The kids TV channels are full of adverts for this toy and that toy, that all get added to the ever growing list of wants. But does it have to cost a packet? Buying everything new yes. It might need a re-mortgage lol. What about second hand? eBay? Facebook selling sites? Gumtree? Free Ads? Ebid? Have you thought of these? They mighthaving the perfect second hand bargain buy.

We all have the toys that were asked for and not played with much. With the Internet revolution you don’t have to find bargains at your local jumble sale or car boot. You can find a bargain in your pyjamas from the comfort of your own home. Not only is selling good for your bank balance but buying them can get you more for your money.

Disney toys, Sylvanian Families, dolls houses, train sets, baby toys can often be found for maybe a quarter of the price new. Bundles of toys for a lower price than if you bought them all from a toy shop. Interactive dolls for £5 instead of £40 new.

Some people look down on second hand purchases but I really encourage it. It’s economical, good for the environment and common sense. Next time you have a list as long as your arm from your child join your local selling groups or look for bargains on EBay. Just remember to inspect everything, it is very much buyer beware.

We bought this Block Tech game for £1 as one example of my son’s favourite second hand bargain.

Here are my top tips for buying second hand bargains.

  • Gumtree should only be used for cash on collection; never send money to someone for it to be posted, it usually ends in nothing arriving and no money back.
  • On EBay only use payment for goods and services to pay for your items. This gives you total buyer protection that you do not get if you gift payments to friends or family.
  • Facebook sellers often ask for gifted payments. Again, don’t. Always use goods and services, this means they pay fees on your purchase but you remain protected.
  • Your local area might have several selling pages, follow the rules and you can buy and sell easily in your local area.
  • Buyer beware! Inspect, inspect, inspect. If you’re not happy, don’t buy it. Test electronics before you pay for them if it is local to you.
  • Check out reviews for Facebook pages and eBay sellers before you purchase.
  • If you have a problem with a private seller from a Facebook selling group message the admin and let them know, you might not be the only one.
  • Keep a track on the PayPal dispute deadline, if you still have no item and a seller is stalling, open a dispute, don’t wait until it is too late, you can always stop it if your item arrives.
  • Selling communities work if you leave feedback; good and bad. Let others know if you had great service. Let others know if you’ve lost out! But be polite!!

Happy shopping! If you have any other favourite sites for finding second hand bargains comment below and let others know!

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  1. We often buy things from charity shops for our children, and we have found some bargains in the past. It also helps the charity which I think is great. Thanks for linking to #oldschoolposts

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