Sand Pit Toy Ideas If The Rain Ever Goes Away….

Sand Pit Toy Ideas

Sand pits are great fun and great places to learn about co-ordination and cause and effect. This blog post covers what we have in our sand pit, what we’d like in our sand pit and other good ideas. Some will be obvious, others hopefully not so. As always, Amazon affiliate links are provided so you can see my suggestions, use the links, or shop around. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my sand pit toy ideas and your suggestions, leave me a comment below.
Diggers and Dumpers

An absolute part of any sand pit. You can spend as much or as little as you want. They come in all shapes and sizes. I vote go plastic though so you aren’t risking rusty toys in your sandpit. The pound ships often have diggers for very little money.

Buckets and Spades

Obvious. Choose colours, shapes and characters your children like best. Rakes, spades and sieves are all good fun. You can pick these up anywhere now the summer months are here. I tend to go cheap and get a couple. Not only to sort out arguments over sharing, but to give a bit of variety, in the sand pit and the seaside.

Alphabet Sand Moulds

A great letter learning tool and another fun way to keep exposing your child to letters. Make words, or just have fun making random letters. Find the letter moulds here. And if you fancy a challenge, you can feel a bit rebellious by moulding swear words and getting rid of them before the kids see.

Sand Pit Cooking Set

Melissa and Doug do some really sweet sand play baking toys. Sculpt sand cookiescupcakes and ice creams with these sand moulds and sand baking sets. I love these, they make a change to boring sand castles and bring an element of role play into the outside. Set up shop as a sand baker and sell your wares to the nearest person. Pebbles make good money.


Turn on their imagination with this fab T-Rex sand mould set. 10 skeleton pieces measuring 35″ when the parts are assembled. It is a great idea! Find it here. I’m definitely getting one of these.


Now this one is dangerous because it encourages taking the sand and dumping it in parts of the garden you don’t want it, or even worse the house! But my two would spend hours wheeling stuff around so I’m putting it in anyway. And you can encourage child labour when you’re gardening by getting them to wheel the weeds to the green bin.

Sand Pit Digger

If your sand pit is big enough these are brilliant. We bought one years ago and it’s one of the most played with sand pit toys. You can use it out of the sand pit too, with anything that you might dig in! Ours is similar to the one in the link and quite heavy so it can’t be dragged around the garden easily.

Cars and Trucks

I put a few of the more bashed up cars in the sand pit. Don’t put your best ones in the sand gets everywhere in them and might clog up the wheels etc.

Sand Pit toy ideas

Free Stuff!

There are lots of things you can use that you don’t have to buy. Washed out ice cream tubs and plastic containers make great buckets of different shapes and sizes.want a tall tower? Cut a 2L pop bottle in half smoothing the edges so they won’t cut your child and there you have the perfect sand mould for Rapunzel’s tower.

Shells, twigs, leaves, flowers, pebbles. Everything you find in the great wide world can be used in sand pit play. Hide them and pretend you’re discovering dinosaur bones.

Old baking moulds you can’t use anymore? Chuck them in the sand pit. Don’t forget to bring them in so they don’t rust in the rain. Old spoons, old plastic cutlery, even an old fish slice make great tools. Old jugs make fun work of measuring sand and if it’s really dry are great for making sand flow out and onto or into other things. Ask friends and family if you have none you are getting rid of, someone is always replacing things like that.

Finally Some Housekeeping

Don’t forget cats like sand pits too! Cover it over so you don’t uncover an unexpected and rather messy new toy. I hope the sun shines on us long enough to get out in the sand and play!


  1. The sun is out…get that sandpit out!!! Such great ideas here – I am so rubbish at thinking up ways to play haha! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Haha it has rained every day in July so far here!! Hopefully it will stop in time to get out and enjoy the sand box, fingers crossed! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. It’s not been much better here sadly. Our hopes are pinned on a sunny August!

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