Recipedia! I’m Late to the Party


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Amazon Echo

Now to be clear I bought my own Alexa echo dot two years ago. I’m not being paid by amazon for this post! I have blogged before about how she helps me in the mornings. Tonight I’ve realised you can get recipes! How late to the party am I? I’ve watched the google home advert and thought that would be a good idea, not realising it’s been done. So, if you have an Alexa this is how you do it.

  • I asked what do I want for dinner (mucking about we got bored of jokes)
  • Alexa: what do you fancy?
  • Respond with what you want here. I was boring and went with chicken.
  • Alexa suggests a recipe. In my case chicken curry. I love a curry.
  • You can then get the details or ask for another recipe.
  • Alexa will read the ingredients if you want her to. If you’re really fancy add them to your shopping list!
  • Are you ready? Decision made? Start cooking!
  • Alexa will tell you every step in order.
  • Missed it or can’t remember? Go back to the previous step or repeat the instruction.
  • Finished that step? Just say next step.

Recipedia Amazon Echo Dot

Is It Useful?

Yes! I’m normally looking up recipes on Pinterest and juggling my phone to read the instructions. At least this way I don’t have to read anything. I’m not sure it’s useful in inspiring your dinner choices. For me that is a very visual decision making process. Although I’m sure I can experiment with ways of asking to get different ideas. The chicken curry was lovely by the way. I didn’t use the flaked almonds I don’t like them.

Tomorrow I’m trying the blueberry muffin recipe Alexa suggested. I ran out of time today and had a grizzly toddler clinging to my legs.

If you’re not ready to cook it straight away, the recipe can be saved to your Alexa app. It took me a while to find it, but it is in the activity tab of the app. You may need to scroll through your activity if you have asked lots of things. Scroll down a bit further and there are a whole load of knock knock jokes.

If you have an Alexa it’s worth giving it a go. If you don’t have one and like the sound of Recipedia you can buy an Echo or the smaller Echo Dot from Amazon UK.