Reading Activities and Twinkl Worksheets

Reading Activities for KS1 My 5 Year Old Enjoys

My number one go to website for activity sheets is Twinkl. I have the free parent account for non-home educators and even though I don’t do any home educating I find keeping my children occupied sometimes avoids the arguments. Today is #ReadaBookDay so to celebrate that hashtag I prepared these reading activities for after snack time. This is a short activity perfect for short attention spans and I use this worksheet regularly.

Nursery rhyme reading book and Twinkl reading worksheet

Read Me Your Favourite Book

Mr G and Ms E picked one favourite story and they both read it to me and their brother. The only instruction was no mega long stories!

Book Review

Twinkl book review worksheet can be found here.

Reading practice is incredibly important but I didn’t realise how important it was to get them thinking about what they had read. My daughter enjoyed doing this sheet. I don’t expect muc; as you can see from what she did do lol. Mr G did one too. At 8 it’s too easy for him but he acted the teacher in showing her what to do.

Reading activities with a favourite children's book

Help Your Brother Read!

He’s six months old and very interested in everything they do. He was also very interested in eating the book rather than reading it much to their delight. I love the That’s Not My…. book series (available here at Amazon). He spent a few minutes copying them and feeling the textured areas. I encourage them to point at the words because that is how they learnt to read. You can never get the idea too young.

Was It Successful?

It took 20 minutes from start to finish. That is long enough for a bit of fun and not too long that the moaning starts. Would I do it every day? No, the majority of days they can do what they want until dinner is ready. But some days it is nice to think about doing something before getting dragged into making dinner and putting the TV on to keep them amused. I am very lucky to be at home and able Tom do this stuff after the school run but it could fill 20 minutes on a rainy weekend. I love reading activities they add a bit more distraction when you’re looking for something to keep them occupied.

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The Amazon link is an affiliate link (if you make a purchase I earn a small commission from them) but the Twinkl link is just because I love the website.