Raspberry Pi the 2018 Quest for Coding

Coding for Kids

Computers are everywhere. We think nothing of handing a smart phone or tablet to a child to entertain themselves with. Computers are used in education every single day. I don’t have a clue about what goes into making these programs or how computer programming works. This is why I’ve decided to use a Raspberry Pi to learn coding along with the children next year. To make it sound slightly more exciting I’ll be billing it to them as the 2018 Quest for Coding.

I can pretty much guarantee that after 10 minutes of typing one of them will be bored. I have some great memories of being a teenager with our Amstrad CPC464 massive bulky home computer. We had this book of programmes that you would type in and could save onto tape. Yes tape. No hard drives there I don’t think. You’d get to the end of 4 pages of typing code and hit run and it would tell you there was an error somewhere. It wouldn’t tell you where. You had to go through each line one by one looking for the typos. But the satisfaction of getting the game to work eventually has stuck in my head. I didn’t realise that it was my introduction to programming. I didn’t think about that at all.

So along with the Raspberry Pi we’re going to look at Minecraft. I don’t get that either as I’ve blogged about before. But apparently, you can learn something useful from it so I’m prepared to give it a go. Lifelong learning is often thrown about carelessly. I use a computer and various programmes for blogging and the YouTube videos (when we do them…) so why not take it a stage further? I’ve already started learning html to make creating this website more unique to me and less about sticking with the template design.

The realist in me reckons on December 31st 2018 I will feel guilty for not having achieved any of the above though. It will be like my New Year’s Diet probably….