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Draw, act or describe your way to victory with Randomise a new game from Gamely Limited. Randomise is billed as a family friendly card game for more than 4 players and ideally for ages over 8. Gamely Limited sent us the game to review. This is my honest review of what our family thought after playing it. Who played it? Me and my husband, Boy1 (aged 9) and The Girl (aged 5). It was actually funded by a three week funding campaign on KickStarter and ended up with 288 backers. Launched in December 2016 this game has been enjoyed by over 20,000 families and friends. We were looking forward to seeing if we enjoyed it as much as the Amazon reviews hinted we would.

Randomise Card Game Box

What Did We Think?

Now bear in mind we had a 5 year old playing, which is technically too young. However, we don’t like leaving her out of games; our ear drums can’t take the complaining. Yes, she needed a bit of help but to give her credit she was much better at the acting than me! From a parent perspective I like the size of the game. It is small enough to be used as a travel game, and will certainly be coming on holiday in the caravan. It will fit in your handbag. So, even if you’re past the toddler massive carry-all stage you can still take it with you.

Personally I liked the fact you could choose to act, draw or describe. I usually get stuck acting something that I feel a little ridiculous doing much to everyone else’s amusement during other games. With Randomise I had the option to try and chicken out by describing (which I found the easiest of the three options). It is fun to try and act out something while your kids look on as if you’ve lost the plot.

How do you Play?

The instructions are easy to follow. You pick a card from each pile (A, B and C); each card has easy and hard options. We were playing with two children (aged 9 and 5) so we only did the easy categories. Your opposing team pick a number between 1 and 3 for each card. It is this combination of numbers that gives the game it’s variety. There are endless combinations. So, in the photograph below if you were given numbers 1,2,3 you would be a Shocked Snake Skiing. Yes my beautiful assistant mixed up the cards and I didn’t notice….. To be fair to her, she was worrying too much about trying to get her Christmas jumper in the shot.

Randomise Card Game Cards

What Does it Look Like?

The packaging is well illustrated and the cards inside aren’t too flimsy. Let’s face it that’s important if you’re putting them in little hands. You get a few blank cards as well to create your own extra cards for the game; which is a nice touch. If I was to change one thing it would probably be to put some of the beautiful branding on the instruction sheet. Although it’s set out very clearly and is easy to read, it just lacks something visually when compared to the rest of the game. The sides of the box are a vibrant orange so you’ll be able to see it when stored in a cupboard or shelf. Especially important considering it’s small size.

Randomise Family Game

The Randomise Best Bits

  • As it’s so compact you can use it anywhere. Want to play somewhere public? Stick to drawing or describing. Although you wouldn’t think it from the box this would actually be a really good activity to keep the kids busy in a restaurant using only drawing. Just make sure you have a pen and paper with you as well!
  • Another bonus is the alternative gameplay provide some good ideas on making you play experience even more different.
  • We got the kids to time each go on a stop watch (good maths practice) and our youngest was score keeper by using a tally chart (even better maths practice).
  • It really does enhance kids’ (and adults’ ) creativity. They have to think of a way to draw, act or describe something completely bonkers. I wasn’t successful acting out a starfish. I should have stuck to drawing for that one lol.
  • Kids or adults can play it. I’ve been to a couple of wine-induced game nights with friends and for the next one this game will be coming with me.

Did We Laugh?

The game says it’s guaranteed to get everyone laughing. It’s right! We laughed at ourselves and there was only 4 of us. This game will be even better with a bigger group of people. After all, I can’t wait to play it Christmas Day when there are four extra adults with us. I won’t comment on what it will be like after a couple of glasses of wine. The only negative to Randomise is my team lost 10-8 the first time we played it. Now, you might think that’s because The Girl was with me. She wasn’t. She was on the wining team!

As a family we love games. They are a really good way of spending time together. While it is generally quite hard to find a game that all four of us like, all four of us loved this game. So do I recommend it? Absolutely yes!


You can buy Randomise from Amazon UK (a Toy Infinity affiliate link so if you buy from it I earn a small commission). It currently retails for £11.99 (November 2017). You can follow Randomise on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Gamely Limited love seeing your pictures and videos so #spreadthelaughs to their social media accounts. Or visit the Randomise website for more information. This game is definitely worthy of the title Toy Infinity and Beyond.

If you’ve played it let other people know what you think in the comments below.

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