Play-Doh Breakfast Cafe Will Your Egg be Sunnyside Up or Over-Easy?

My daughter has coveted this set since she saw it on You Tube. After walking all the way around Toys r Us she only had eyes for this set for her birthday. We still tricked her by saying we couldn’t buy it! After all I had my eye on the hairdresser set to re-live my childhood.

Like most Play-Doh sets there is a little bit of putting together. The waffle press is a little tricky to snap into place and ours has popped out once or twice resulting in a few tantrums. It comes with 4 pots of Play-Doh, 1 of which is Play-Doh Plus. If you haven’t had any Play-Doh plus, it is softer and much easier to use in the extruders. 


blue and yellow Play-Doh makes green!!
There are a few large moulds for a fried egg and hash browns, a very nifty waffle press on the pull down handle. There are some smaller fruit moulds and you can add a swirl of cream with the larger extruder and make more Play-Doh shapes with the other extruder. A plate and some cutlery mean you can make and serve a delicious breakfast.

The sign of a popular Play-Doh set is the fact that no Play-Doh colour is kept separate. Ours aren’t nicely separate anymore and they weren’t half an hour after the set was bought. On the positive side mixing the colours has given some colour mixing education as we now have orange and green Play-Doh now, and a small amount of purple.

I love this Breakfast Cafe set; I have had great fun making waffles myself and not always with my daughter present, usually under the pretence of putting it away.

If I was to say what I didn’t like about it, it would be the usual they have fun mixing the colours. There honestly isn’t anything else that annoys me about this Play-Doh set.

Get your own Play-Doh Breakfast Cafe here but it’s also worth keeping an eye out for 3 for 2 deals on Play-Doh.