Plastic Free July Eco Challenge

Plastic Free July

Look in your weekly shopping bags and you probably have bags full of plastic containers, a lot of them not recyclable. This July you can choose to refuse plastic and take part in the Plastic Free July challenge.

Plastic free July

We’re late to the challenge but from now until the end of July we are taking part and keeping track of the plastic that we would have brought home but have avoided. No more pre-packaged fruit and vegetables, I think it will be harder to avoid plastic packaging with meat products, and milk, but I’ll try. I already avoid all beauty products with microbeads and recycle all packaging I can. This challenge is all about avoiding single use plastics.

Our Challenge

These are the challenges that I reckon we can succeed at:

  • Avoid plastic packaging with fruit and vegetables.
  • Buy paper straws. We don’t use many of them but by buying paper and carrying them out with us we can avoid using any plastic straws.
  • Reduce the number of disposable nappies we use. I already use reusables but I will make more effort to take them out as well as use them at home.
  • Use greaseproof paper to wrap sandwiches not cling film.
  • Dont forget my shopping bags!
  • Can I find milk in non-plastic containers?
  • Invest in glass storage containers and not plastic containers.

I’ll update you on how we’re getting on and what non-plastic alternatives I have come across. I fully intend to keep this up after July and change my buying habits. If you want to see what other people are up to use the hashtag #choosetorefuse on social media. For more information and to opt into the challenge visit