Plastic Free Easter Craft Ideas and Inspiration

Plastic Free Easter Craft Inspiration and Ideas

It’s amazing how much plastic or plastic based craft materials we use in children’s craft activities. With Easter coming these are my plastic free Easter craft ideas. The Baker Ross links are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission from Baker Ross.

Easter Eggs

Got to be the easiest and most obvious Easter craft idea. In my opinion it is also one of the easiest Easter objects to make totally out of paper and thin card. Using paper needn’t be boring – there are so many bright and colourful paper supplies. Cut them into shapes for some sneaky maths education or make your own paper glitter with a hole punch.

Create your own colourful nest with shredded coloured tissue paper and an old container.

Bird Feeder

Now I love the Easter egg inspired ceramic bird feeder. But you could make a cheaper version with an old yoghurt pot. It’s kind of like craft with a purpose. Just be sure to use wildlife friendly decorations!

Easter Cards

I don’t generally send Easter cards but if I’m after a quiet ten minutes you can’t beat the use of “make a card”. Do your own with white, pastel or brightly coloured thin card. If you’d rather a more professional appearance because you do send Easter cards then consider these options.

Religious Education

My children have learnt the Easter story in school but I love these colour in story wheels. For £2.45 for three they are also pretty good value.