Plane Watching at Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Activity: Plane Watching at Cardiff Airport

I have a plane obsessed 8 year old. He’s been this way since he was 3. He can look at the shape, engine size and outline of a plane and give you its exact name. He knows the airlines from the branding underneath. You get the idea how into planes he is?¬†Our closest airport is Cardiff airport. This is the Toy Infinity guide to plane watching in Cardiff.

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The best spot to see planes without finding yourself on the wrong end of a telling off is by the flying school and Cambrian cafe. There’s a car park that backs onto the runway and it’s free too.

Your view is across the airfield to the terminal building. You can also see the British Airways maintenance shed and air traffic control. The access road for emergency vehicles goes right past you. Big thanks to the fireman who beeped, blared the sirens and waved for them on our last visit. It made their day.

The downside? Cardiff airport is no Heathrow; the arrivals and departures are clustered rather than at regular intervals through the day. Check the live arrivals and departures website that you can find here to work out the best time to go.

Occasionally you might be lucky and see small private aircraft take off. There’s no way to find out this information though.

The best view is from the Cambrian Cafe. It has a terrace that has a brilliant unobstructed view over the runway. The food is pretty good and reasonably priced. You do need to purchase something to use the terrace.

Plane spotting Cardiff airport

A visit normally takes an hour maybe two depending on how busy it is. If you’re close enough it’s a good free activity in the sun of rain.

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