Personal Gift Ideas from Your Children to Each Other


Unless the Argos catalogue is out, it’s so difficult getting sensible present ideas out of my two for each other. Everything ridiculous from a kitten, to a trip to Disney is mentioned. This Christmas I’m going to head this off a bit. I will have the pain of choosing one present out of the Argos catalogue, but they’re also going to put some effort in and use personal gift ideas for each other.

My children are very lucky, they have been bought a lot of stuff by grandparents, parties they’ve had and us. So sometimes it’s nice to remind them that giving is the most important part and that giving your time is more precious than giving stuff.

So. Here’s the list of personalised gift ideas I have come up with. I’m trying to make this as painless on me as possible and some ideas have a small cost to them.

Personalised calendar

Firstly, letting my kids loose with my phone and telling them to take 12 pictures of things they really like. I’ll print the pictures and some calendar sheets and they can assemble it.


Almost everyone loves cake. Bake a special cake, a favourite cake, some sweets or truffles? What ever they fancy doing.

gift ideas

Gift tokens

Not from a shop, gift tokens from them. So this voucher gives you 15 minutes of colouring time with me, activities like that. I must admit I can’t see this one working with my two, my youngest has too many tantrums over controlling everything, so I might gloss over this one!

Making a colouring book

There are loads of free printable colouring pages online. Get them to choose some, print them and stick them in a folder or scrap book. They can pick all their favourite characters, or animals and create a truly personal colouring book gift.

Making a lucky dip surprise box

A lot of Kinder eggs have passed through this house. A lot! Get your child to wrap up loads of the small plastic toys and put them into a box full of paper or bubble wrap or whatever you have to hand. The recipient won’t remember they have seen them before and unwrapping is the best part!

Making a surprise egg

We have two massive plastic egg shells, you might have several small ones left over from Easter. Use what ever you have in the house. Get your child to pick toys, sweets, make bracelets or pictures, anything to fill them up. Wrap them in paper (or if you’re really brave play-doh like they do on You Tube) and you have a one of a kind gift.

Poundshop stationary

Finally let them loose in a pound shop. Pick your store carefully, give them £5 and tell them they are buying and filling a pencil case. A practical present, with a bit of Supermarket Sweep thrown in.

I hope you like these ideas, I’d love to hear yours if you can come up with some brilliant suggestions.