Park and Ride for Heath Park Hospital Cardiff

Heath Hospital Parking

On one hand it’s brilliant that free parking is now at UHW as well as the other hospitals around South Wales. However, if like me you end up there fairly regularly you’ll know that since the parking became free it is even harder to find a space. This is why I want to tell people about the free park and ride service from the Park and Ride East car park at Pentwyn.

 Why Use It?

There isn’t that much car parking available onsite at the Heath. The big multi storey car park only has three levels for patient parking: ground, one and two. From three and above it is staff parking only. Be warned! In the past you could get away with parking on the staff levels, but now there is no charge they are giving out parking tickets to any non-staff car parking on floors three and above.

The other main car park opposite the A and E entrance is often full by 9am. It seems to have become a first place to look since traffic is often stopped from going straight on past A and E and deflected around the back of the hospital.

The Park and Ride at Pentwyn is easily accessible on the way into Cardiff. Unlike the main Park and Ride service the bus into the Heath Hospital is free of charge. It only takes 6-8 minutes (depending on traffic). My last experience of trying to park in the on-site multi storey had me driving round and round for 40 minutes. All the time clocking how close to my appointment time I was getting.

This image below is taken from the bus service web page.

There are plenty of disabled spaces as well. I don’t use a wheelchair but I did have Boy2 in his buggy. At the Park and Ride the pavement level is exactly the same height as the bus doorway. Getting off at the Heath was slightly trickier because there was more of a gap. But, the driver was lovely and he helped me carry the buggy down over the gap. I’m sure that any wheelchair users would be catered for in a similar way.

So if you’re visiting someone on a ward don’t forget about this service as well. It runs up until 11pm so you won’t have to cut your visit short!

I’m Converted

Buses run every ten minutes throughout the day. For someone like me living on the rural outskirts of Cardiff that doesn’t have good public transport links to the hospital I prefer to drive in. It is slightly quicker to get to the car park than the hospital if I use the A470 then the M4 and come off at Cardiff Gate junction 30.

For more information on the bus service click here. There is also a new Park and Ride service starting this month for Llandough Hospital based at the old Toys r Us car park at the bay.

I haven’t been asked to write this post, I’m just a patient who has found it much less stressful to get into the hospital by bus rather than parking onsite. A lot of people I’ve spoken to don’t even know this service exists. If you like this post tell your friends and family about it. Maybe you can save them from a parking ticket….