Parenting the TV Way

I vividly remember having lines when I was in year 8 of school. I came home and started doing them, and thought my Mum would be so pleased. She found a spelling mistake and made me do them all over again; quite rightly, but I’ve always remembered that memory with a wish for a Neighbours moment or a cartoon moment, with an I’m so proud of you hug, I love you for doing your lines. Ridiculous. Teenage selfishness at its best. She saved me from a telling off from the teacher probably.

This morning Mike the Knight of all things got me thinking. Are you a TV parent? Mike didn’t mend the floor, Mum tripped over, he did catch the basket of eggs but instead of shouting at him (which is what I would have done, probably along the lines of you should have done it earlier, someone could get hurt, it’s too late to be sorry now, the usual platitudes). Mike’s Mum was nice to him. No telling off, no lecture, it didn’t matter.

I remember comparing my parents to those I saw on TV and not particularly favourably at the time because they didn’t let me do what I wanted to. So I know that my children are doing the same. Has my daughter sat there this morning and thought that Mike’s Mum would never make her go to nursery like I did, or that I don’t react that calmly when I step on a Lego piece. I’m not a TV parent, I’m not an overly shouty parent, but I have fallen into the nagging Mum trap. I’m not going to become Mike the Knights Mum but I could probably do with remembering that they are only young still and don’t have the benefit of nearly 40 years of life behind them 

When they hit 18 I’ll ask them what I did good and bad and just hope I like the answer. (And totally go against all my parenting principles and spoil my grandchildren rotten so they can have a good moan about that too!)

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