Parenting Karma Activities When Your Children Are Doing Your Head In

Parenting Karma Activities

Not very eloquent but I know most of you know what I mean. From I’m bored to endless ridiculous questions, surely there must be some activities that distract your children from annoying you. Otherwise known as annoying activities I get them to do to get my own back. I consider it my parenting karma. A little bit of retaliation. Sometimes it back fires on me and they’re even worse but sometimes, just sometimes it works. You get a few minutes of solitude. I’m fairly child-focused generally, but especially as they get older, I think they need to learn how to amuse themselves. Let’s face it a toddler on their own creates merry mayhem but an older child should be able to spend quality time doing solo.

Parenting Karma and Monkeys

Toys to Annoy

Remember Frustration? Get all those pieces in before the timer throws them all out. It raised your blood pressure every time you played it. Right kids, you can’t ask another question until you have successfully completed it. This is one of my favourites. It usually ends in the game being chucked back in the box in frustration lol.

Lego sorting into colours / shapes / whatever. It doesn’t matter what, just give them enough to do so they don’t finish too quickly. Or those sets that got mixed up? Make them and put them back separately. The last one isn’t so successful I must admit. All those instruction books you keep shoving in drawers? Match them up with their box. This is sneaky parenting karma. They enjoy it so don’t think you’re annoying them but in reality they’re doing probably the worst toy sorting job ever.

All those small Sylvanian Families pieces or other small bits just chucked in the man tin? Put them all back where they should go. Massive bonus to this one because you don’t have to do it.

Activities to Annoy

Pencil sharpening / working out which felt pens have run out. Takes the argumentative side out of them pretty quickly.

All those broken crayons. Tear all the paper off and cut them into small pieces to make them into entirely new crayons.

Sorting through the pile of colouring books. Which are finished? Recycle them! Any that aren’t finished but you don’t want anymore put them in a pile to give to someone else. Another child’s trash is another child’s treasure after all. (As seen by the bloody bear bingo stall at the school fete).

Dusting. Give them a wet wipe and let them loose. Damp dusting means they won’t spray the dust around while they do it. Another favourite is cleaning the kitchen cupboard doors.

Sock pairing. The best parenting karma of all. Who doesn’t hate that job?

Electronic Activities

Now I’m not totally mean. I mean parenting karma is knowing they’re not doing something entirely fun. You want the iPad? Ok, write me a story. Use a phonics or maths app and show me what you’ve done.

Read your younger sibling a story. Use an app if you must or the Leap Reader pen but you must read something to them. Bonus is they all get entertained at once.


So there are a couple of my go-to activities for those times they need occupying, I can guarantee that after 10 minutes of one of these they remember how to amuse themselves.