Not the 33: Use Your Vote In the UK General Election

Not The 33% of Unregistered Voters

If you look back in history the right to vote takes centre stage. It’s hard to imagine a UK where voting was only granted if you were male and you owned property. It wasn’t until 1918 that all men over the age of 21 had the right to vote. Women over the age of 21 didn’t achieve this right until 1928. Yet 33% of people eligible to vote in the last general election didn’t. Make sure you are not the 33.

General election non-voters

It won’t make any difference..

I don’t understand why people don’t vote! Every part of your life is governed by politics. From healthcare to benefits, taxation to public service investment. How has your life changed in the last two years? Is it better or worse? Do you have more money in your pocket? Or do you wish the Tories hadn’t won?

Don’t complain that the leader of each party is crap. You’re voting for a party, not a person. Which party do you believe in? Who will be the best Brexit negotiator? Which party will look after your interests? Don’t think that any of them can do the job? Don’t trust any politician? Then be happy with what those that can be bothered to vote to decide for you. Make sure you are not the 33.

They’re all as bad as each other….

I get it – you don’t trust politicians. They all say one thing and do another. Think about it though – how many times have you said you would do something and not done it? How many times have you promised you would contact someone and not bothered? Everyone says what they think people want to hear, knowing full well they can’t always live up to what they have said.

So which politician do you think will be less likely to promise the earth and give you barren lifeless Mars instead? No government will deliver on everything they promise. Just read the manifestos. They’re huge, it would take more than one term in government to achieve that. Besides most of the promises have by 2025 or some date way in the future as a get out clause.

It’s such a hassle….

Register for vote by post if you can’t get to a polling booth. You can vote in your own time. If you aren’t sure where you polling booth will be look at and enter your postcode. You will find polling station details and a map in case you aren’t familiar with the area.

Not the 33: Register to vote on June 9th 2017

If you aren’t registered to vote yet, you need to apply by Monday 22nd May. Follow the link and apply online.

Whatever you believe, whatever party you choose to support, or whatever random choice you make. Please vote. Put that cross on the ballot paper. Our country’s future depends on it now more than ever before. #notthe33.