Nostalgia My Top 10 Sweetshop Sweets

Good Old Sweetshop Sweets

I’m in a nostalgic mood. I saw an old faded ice cream sign on a bin and it had Funny Feet on it. Remember those? I used to love those nearly as much as a screwball. I’d usually lie about having a screwball, they were the same price and I wasn’t allowed chewing gum….

It led onto a discussion of penny chews and 10p would buy you 10 sweets. You don’t get that these days. Except you do. There aren’t many dedicated sweetshops any more but if I found one this is what I would love to see. And I don’t care if they cost me more than 10p! These are my top picks for good old fashioned sweetshop sweets.

Kola Kubes

OMG I love these. I don’t care if they cost more than a penny either! I can’t buy them I eat them too quickly.

Rhubarb and Custard

The rest of the family think they’re gross. Result all the more for me then

Wham Bars

A favourite in my school tuck shop. Now there’s an eighties child I could buy sweets in school!

Lemon Bon Bons

Although I am suspicious of anyone who buys the white ones.

Cola Bottles

Big or small I don’t care, but I’m not fussed on the fizzy kind. I’ll eat them if there’s nothing else.

The Foam Shrimps and Bananas

Another one my family hate. Just another sweet variety I can’t buy because I eat them too quickly.

Lemon Sherbets

Although these have been ruined for me slightly by a friend’s story of nearly choking on one. I’m now paranoid every time I eat one.

Pear Drops

These are so good but I hardly see them anymore.

Candy Sticks

I always bought these and I always pretended to smoke them. I spent hours watching my Dad with his 20 a Day habit to see how real smokers did it.

Acid Drops

I think it was Boots that did the best ones. My friend’s mum always had a packet in her car that we could steal one from.

I’m now craving sugar after writing this. Hopefully I will wander past a sweet shop and get to fill my boots. I always feel a bit sad that family sized bags are the norm these days instead of the old portion sizes.

I think my teeth would be a lot worse off if they existed when I was a kid. And yes I am that kill joy Mum that won’t let them eat the whole bag at once.