New York! New York!

My Favourite Place

So today on Blogtober it’s all about holidays. I’ve missed a couple of days; a sick child, catching their germs and two other children have taken up all my spare time. So, I’m starting again today. I love New York City. Last year we spent a lovely (child-free) five days sightseeing in NYC. These are just some of the images from our trip and some of our favourite places. The skyline is gorgeous. Our only regret is we didn’t go out to the Statue of Liberty. My husband gets sea sick and I had morning sickness so neither of us could face it and persuade the other into doing it.

new york city skyline


My Favourite Sights in New York City

The John Lennon memorial. We didn’t see enough of Central Park (again blame the morning sickness) so that is a massive to do for our next visit. The building nicknamed The Iron. You can see it in the photographs above it was one of our favourite buildings. The UN Building – only because I fell into a bush near it much to the amusement of the tourist bus tour driving past.

Broadway – we went to see Matilda. It was brilliant. Times Square. Gorgeous at night. Bonkers in the day and night and no it’s not a square.

Bryant Park. It was so hot when we were there and rather walk down 5th Avenue again to get something for my Mother-in-Law I sat in Bryant Park and waited for my husband. It was cooler and shady with games tables, a reading corner and a lovely chilled out atmosphere. In a busy city it was a little bit of paradise. For a short while I people watched the rest of NYC go by.

Do you watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives? You can eat in Guy Fieri’s restaurant near Broadway. Deep fried ice cream for pudding! It was very sweet I’m glad we shared it lol.

Photograph of New York City

It’s up to you. New York…. New Yoooooork! And hopefully you will be humming that for the rest of the day!