New Year New Start?

Happy New Year

I don’t generally do New Year resolutions because I’m pretty crap at sticking to them. This year I’m setting myself goals instead. Things I would like to achieve. I’m only going to aim for things that I think I can achieve. No point in giving yourself unrealistic resolutions and failing at them that was what my twenties were about. In my forties I’m more of a realist.

New Year Goals Notepad

Goals I Want To Achieve

  • My biggest test is running. For too many years I’ve told myself I can’t do it. In December I tried. You know what? I can do it. So my biggest goal is to run the Cardiff 10K in September. I can comfortably run 2.5K already so that should be achievable.
  • Lose a bit of baby weight from my middle. I’m hoping the running will help with that.
  • Gym twice a week for fitness goals.
  • Healthy eating. Now breastfeeding has stopped I am no longer craving the high fat food I was so this should be easier. It will hopefully minimise my IBS symptoms too.
  • Blog regularly.
  • Mental wellness. Spend time working on mindfulness and mental health. By the end of the year I want a strong body without neglecting my mind. In 2018 I hope to come off the Sertraline and have beaten this PND.
  • Photography. To do that course and improve my composition.

Goals I Want To See

  • To encourage my children outside more and do more family walks, something we have neglected in 2017.
  • To hit my blog goals that I missed at the end of 2017.
  • My two eldest children to get more swimming badges.
  • My youngest to carry on being the mischievous whirlwind he is.

I Don’t Believe in New Year New You

But I do believe in good health. My family is complete, now is my time to strengthen my body because let’s face it pregnancy is hard. This year I’m not dieting, but showing my children that health and exercise is more important than weight.