New Year New Craft Stash in The Range

A Winter’s Sale

I can quite happily wander around The Range for ages. I can also guarantee you that I leave with more things in my basket than I went in to get. I love crafting. By myself and with the kids. The Range currently has an amazing winter sale on. These are my favourite items for papercrafting.

The banners are affiliate links so I earn a small commission from The Range for the referral. It doesn’t cost you anything on your order price!

Crafting Supplies

Whatever your crafting bug is you can buy something you need (or in the case of me that I think I need lol).


I make bunting. Out of anything including paper and card. My bunting was ok when I used scissors but to be honest my cutting isn’t always spot on. I have a Sissix Big Shot. I should apologise for introducing you to it really because it gets addictive and it is so easy to use. Layer your die cutter and cardstock/paper in the cutting plates and turn the roller handle. If you are cutting multiple layers you may need to do this one or two times.

Sissix Big Shot Starter Kit

Unless you have multiple dies of the same size it is fairly slow to cut out all of your shapes even with multiple layering. But the finish makes up for this. Every piece is exactly the same size and shape. There is no variation that stands out in your finished article. At around £80 (January 2019) it might be a hefty purchase for the starter kit but it is worth it for the better quality.

I have bought a cheaper machine previously that didn’t last as long as I would have liked it to. One point to note! The acrylic plates you sandwich everything in between get pretty scratched. You get a one year warranty on purchase but if you register your purchase with Sissix they extend it by a further two years. So that’s something worth doing! It doesn’t cost you anything.

Paper Bunting

I use these die cutter templates for my bunting. All you need to add is some pretty paper or cardstock and yarn or your favourite ribbon or jute twine. There are two choices to join the bunting flags together: machine sewing or hole punch and manual threading.

I use both techniques. Small bunting flags look better sewn. The holes distract from your paper/card otherwise.

Some tips on machine sewing paper. Check your tension! Experiment before you start on the real thing. Also, increase your stitch length so your bunting isn’t full of small needle holes. When you finish sewing your bunting keep your foot presser down while you pull some thread out to make your gap. This avoids the two thread look in between each flag. Once you have the gap you want start sewing the next bunting flag and repeat.

Bunting with lettering looks great with this template.

Bunting Die Cutter Template

For small bunting I prefer hearts or circle, but I do use mini triangles too. It’s important with the small bunting you let the paper do the talking and don’t use any letting or additional details. Before buying any die cutter templates make sure they are the right size to fit your machine. Sissix do make Big Shot specific dies. As with everything you will pay more for branded die cutters.
Thanks for reading – if you are a paper crafting fan and haven’t shopped at The Range then take a look online or visit them in store.