My Thoughts on the BumGenius Flip

BumGenius Flip

The BumGenius Flip was released around the time I had my daughter. I had one Flip nappy but didn’t invest in anymore because I had a big stash of reusable nappies already. Well nine years after I bought my original washable nappies most of the leg elastics have given up the ghost and I’m too lazy to replace the elastic in the legs. I’ve recently had my third child and not ready to use all disposable nappies.

Now the logistics of taking three children with me mean the less I carry, the better. Instead of relying on disposable nappies that are less bulky than reusables I have bought the BumGenius Flip. It is a two part system; essentially a waterproof wrap and absorbent inserts rather than an absorbent nappy. The idea is that at each nappy change you only change the BumGenius insert and give the outer wrap a quick wipe while re-using it with the next absorbent inner. This means that when you go out you are carrying less and transporting less dirty nappies home. Here’s my honest review of the BumGenius Flip and what I like and don’t like about this reusable nappy.

I have 4 wraps and 10 inserts. I use the stay-dry microfibre inner pads, they keep their bum really dry. Don’t get me wrong, no cloth nappy keeps them as dry as a disposable but these are a pretty close second. (Plus you aren’t throwing them straight in the bin after using them). You can also get Flip organic day inserts, organic night inserts and a smaller newborn insert made from microfibre. I haven’t tried them but you can also get disposable inner pads if you would rather dispose of the insert rather than carry a dirty one with you.

The BumGenius Flip you see below is on the small setting but the Flip does fit from 8-35lb so will fit your little one right up until potty training.

BumGenius Flip

BumGenius Flip Positives

  • Excellent stay-dry absorbent inners. They absorb a lot of urine and the stay-dry top is really soft next to your baby’s bum.
  • I love the waterproof wrap. It gives excellent protection against leaks. I have both the aplix (posh velcro) and popper versions. I use the wrap with other nappies as well and it’s wide enough in the crotch to cover bulkier nappies like the Little Lamb and Tots Bots as well. I think BumGenius has discontinued the aplix version.
  • It’s a one-size system so is suitable from birth to potty training. I have long skinny babies; I find the aplix version gives me a better fit.
  • Gorgeous colour range. That’s important! But I found plain white BumGenius Flip wraps for sale for £5 each recently so most of mine are now white lol.
  • You can boost with other pads and still keep a slimmer shape than other more bulky nappy makes. I use the newborn insert that came with my BumGenius pocket nappies and also the bamboo booster from my Little Lamb nappies.
  • It is so simple that everyone can do it without feeling bamboozled.
  • They are fast drying: and unlike the BumGenius pocket nappies there is no stuffing of inserts back into the outer nappy shells after they are dry.

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BumGenius Flip Negatives

  • Runny breastfed poo. Most poo changes go onto the wrap, meaning you need to carry an extra one with you.
  • As your baby gets older you might not be able to boost it enough to stop leakage from wicking.

I do love my BumGenius Flip nappies. The fit is excellent and I haven’t had many nappies leak onto the clothing, which saves on washing. If you have enough inserts you can minimise the amount of nappy washing you do. They are available from many retailers. BumGenius tend to control their pricing quite strictly so you won’t find them on sale very often. One online retailer I love is Babi Pur. I’ve always had really fast delivery and I like supporting them because they are a Welsh retailer. I have reviewed other cloth nappies and you can find my blog posts here.

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Eliza Eliza UK

The nappy clutch you see in the photos is a handmade organic hemp clutch from Eliza Eliza. You can get your own from They are wonderful for making it easy to find your clean nappies in a bigger nappy bag! And as you can see they fit a couple of inserts and a clean wrap in them. But please don’t use such a beautiful clutch for dirty ones!!

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  1. This sounds like a great invention, and I know what you mean about nappies taking up so much space in your changing bag. They would be great to take on holiday when every space inch in your suitcase is taken up. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    1. Good idea with the holiday packing.

  2. I saw one of these for the first time when my friend changed her new baby’s nappy – they look great! #bestandworst

    1. The BumGenius Flip is much more practical for out and about.

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