My Shopkins List at Shopkins World

My Shopkins List

My daughter loves Shopkins. I must admit I don’t know the names of many of them. One rainy afternoon we decided to try and find out the names of them. Let me assure you googling is no help at all. That was until we came across the website Shopkins World.

My Shopkins World Guide

Shopkins World

If you register for an account you can take advantage of My Shopkins List. We used the technique of searching for the type of Shopkins like cake, cookie or shampoo for example and see what images popped up. My daughter ticked we have this one if her Shopkins showed up. To check what you have just click on the My List tab.

This isn’t a foolproof technique. It depends on whether the object you have searched for is in the Shopkins name. If it’s not, nothing appears. We spent ages searching for all kinds of variations on microphone. Nothing. We found the character was called Mike Rophone just by accident; while searching for another character.

All nine series of Shopkins are catalogued. You can search by series, but I’m guessing if you don’t know the name you might not know the series either. By clicking on each character you get some information on them. I remember being obsessed by this kind of stuff when I was a child!

The website is simple enough to use that my six year old can do it by herself. However, six year old phonetic spelling is not the best way of searching for unknown Shopkins so some adult help is necessary.

Just don’t ask me to remember the names of them. I can barely call my children the right name!