My Favourite Easter Bonnet Ideas From Pinterest

Pinterest Inspiration for Easter Bonnet Ideas

This year I’m not buying a bonnet specifically to make an Easter bonnet. Yes I know they’re only £1 in most pound stores but every year it either gets lost or trashed. This year we’re making our bonnet out of cardboard. My daughter loves craft and she’s very good at it, I think if she finds an idea she likes she will run with it and it will look awesome. These are my favourite ideas I spotted on Pinterest for Easter bonnet ideas. All of them don’t involve a shop bought hat and if I can avoid using those little chickens with the freaky feet I’ll be a happy Mum.

I’ve linked each image to the Pinterest page I found it so you can re-pin them into your own account. Toy Infinity is also on Pinterest! I have a lot of other ideas saved to my boards.

The Carrot

This is one of the best bonnets I saw. I love the idea of making a giant carrot and plonking it on your head. The best thing is they could do this with very little adult input. Nothing irritates me more than a splendid Easter bonnet winning that has Mum did this written all over it. And how cheap could you do this? A big piece of orange card, some green paper and a black felt tip pen. I’m wondering where on earth I could find a piece of orange card that large though…

Carrot Easter Bonnet Idea

The Rabbit

Religion aside nothing shouts Easter more than the Easter bunny. I love the simplicity of this hat – it looks easy to make and looks like a rabbit once you’re finished. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity as well – pom poms, glitter, stickers – anything goes. Like the carrot, all you need is cardboard and whatever crafting items you might have in your craft stash. (If you need inspiration my recommendations are here).

Bunny Ears

I bought some bunny ears years ago in Sainsbury’s and they have been kicking around in the toy room ever since. I love this idea of actually using the ears as your Easter bonnet by adding paper flowers. We have mountains of tissue paper in our house that would make perfect flowers.

Batman Easter Bonnet

This one made me chuckle. What an amazing and creative way to combine Batman with an Easter bonnet. You would think that those two words shouldn’t belong in the same sentence. But look at it. It’s genius! Like before, I love the use of just cardboard and paper to construct it.


Lego Easter Bonnet

If just using cardboard and paper isn’t challenging enough for you then why not use Lego? I absolutely love this Easter bonnet idea. You could add any characters you have onto it. If you used all grey blocks you would have an Easter Death Star. I know that this is by far my favourite hat idea, it is so simple but so creative. My favourite part has to be the chicken character on the top. I remember those coming in the Lego blind bags my kids used to be obsessed with.


So there are just a couple of my favourite Easter bonnet ideas. Click the image to link directly to the Pinterest pins. Over the last couple of years I have got lazy with the Easter bonnet. I’ve bought the bonnet and they have stuck bunnies and chicks all over it. There has been very little thought and it was more of a chore than a chance to get creative. This year The Girl will be constructing her own. Boy1 gets away with it because Juniors only decorate an egg; although I’m wondering if the Batman hat might make him want to make one too. I’m letting her loose on Pinterest later to find something she wants to try out.

Happy Easter everyone. Good luck keeping the glitter in the cupboard x